Meet the Most Beautiful Russian and Ukrainian Brides of 2019 (10 photos)

Top 10 Russian Mail Order Brides

For YourBride November top 10, we looked for beautiful and stunning women profiles. They are doctors, models, musicians, teachers, and simply gorgeous ladies. Meet our top 10 Russian mail order brides who are already waiting for you.

Natalia, 24

I am looking for a romantic man! I want to feel like a real woman next to him.

Victoria, 23

I am looking for my man here, my special man, who is wise, strong-minded, generous, caring and passionate! He is ready to admire my advantages and accept my flaws, as well as to share my interests. So I’ll always do the same for him! If you are here, I am waiting for you! My heart is open!

Julia, 22

I am looking for the other half of my heart. Someone who wants to be loved and hold at night when we are on the sofa watching some movies. Someone who wants to be kissed when he looks in my eyes.

Elizaveta, 25

Now I want to tell you what type of man I want to have with me. I will be honest I am not interested in endless correspondence, and it is better to spend few days together then write thousands of messages. Are you such person which I am looking for? Waiting for your message.

Marina, 24

The man who will love and wear on my hands, with whom I will know very little sorrow, no grief, and much happiness! I dream of a strong, courageous, independent, loyal and romantic man! I prefer the one who will understand me without words.

Julia, 28

My heart is open. I am ready for new feelings and changes in my life. I am looking for sincerity in romantic relationships...

Dariya, 28

I am positive about finding that special man to spend the rest of my life with. I dream about a man who is ready to know all my secrets. Are you ready? I am looking for loving, caring man.

Lubov, 22

I would like neet with intelligent, interesting, man, you know, a man who will help me and love me in every moment. Be real, be yourself! I just want to be happy woman with you.

Inna, 22

I want to feel his strong hand and loving heart! I also want to find an intelligent man with good sense of humor. I will give my future man all the love and happiness. We will be very happy together, I am sure!

Valeria, 18

I need an open relationship, starting with mutual respect and honesty. I need a man who will love me and appreciate my opinion.

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