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Thai Cupid Reviews

Latest update: 2019-10-22

Thai girls are exotic and authentic. If you have specific requirements to a girl you want to meet sophisticated search and filtering tools would help you to narrow the selection as it is pretty easy to be deluged by the beauty on Thai Cupid: on the site, you would have a chance to communicate with over 1.5 million of other members.

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Thai Cupid Site Overview



Thailand is famous not only for its rich culture and exotic food. Girls from Thailand are famous worldwide for their unprecedented tender beauty. Recently, Thailand is gaining popularity as the touristic destination. Numerous gentlemen are dreaming of meeting a Thai lady and of spending the entire life with her. However, it might be not the best idea to arrive at the country and wander around seeking the love of your life. In such situation, dating websites may come in handy. is the leading portal dedicated to Thai girls. The site is the part of the Cupid Media group and it used to be known as Thai Love Links. Today ThaiCupid is the niche website that offers services for men as well as for women but the majority of the site members are women while the majority of the site visitors are men. Being established in 2002 the site is one of the oldest and the most reputable Thai dating sites . Hence, anyone interested in finding a Thai wife knows about the site and uses it actively. However, the site introduces only exclusively the girls from Thailand: you can find ladies from numerous Asian countries.
The site offers its clients diverse services that facilitate online communication between the members and visitors of the site. But in a case, a client wants to meet a particular lady face-to-face then he has to arrange the date and the entire trip to Thailand on his own.

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Ease of Use

ThaiCupid is convenient and intuitive in exploitation. As registration takes a few clicks the client can start browsing the site soon. The interface is simple but attractive and resembles the design of the rest of the websites that belong to the Cupid Media group. Indeed, anyone who has any previous experience with the sister sites from the group would immediately notice similarities in template and functions offered.
The site provides the users with numerous options that allow them to contact any Thai lady that seems to be attractive. Ordering and paying for functions is performed without any additional efforts and requires no specific skills.

Services & Support

Immediately after passing the ThaiCupid login procedure you can start exploring the site. When you have a free standard membership you are pretty limited in actions. But you still have an opportunity to browse profiles of registered Thai girls and send them notes informing them that you find them attractive. If you want to text any lady you need to purchase the Gold membership and if you want to invite the girl to video chat you would need the Platinum membership. In addition, you would be provided with automatic translation services that come in handy when you are training to maintain the dialogue with a woman from Thailand.
The site also gives you an opportunity to send presents or flowers to attractive ladies. However, if you feel like meeting any girl in person the site would not help you with your trip: you would need to take care of everything on your own.

Number of Members has over 1.5 million members. Evidently, it is one of the largest Thai dating sites if not the largest one. Hence, if you are into girls from Thailand you would find the widest selection of women here. Moreover, the network of members expands on the daily basis: new girls come to local agencies in order to get the permission and to register on the site. If you are a serious player you would not miss the chance to look through the recently added ladies.
The site claims to have approximately 50000 monthly visitors. The vital power of the site becomes visible when you enter it: around 1300 members who are online regardless the time of the day. You can use the opportunity and talk to those women that are currently active.

Quality of Profiles

This Thai dating venue provides its customers with the access to thousands of high-quality profiles. All the photos are recent and all the profiles contain exhaustive information you need to evaluate woman and to start a dialogue with her. In any profiles, you will find information about the age, education, profession, marital status, the nationality of a lady, about her interests and habits, plans and intentions. If you want to narrow the selection and to find your Thai wife as soon as possible you can apply the advanced search tools and make the list of the ladies that meet the majority of your expectations.
You have to be attentive to your profile too. If you make it informative then the site would be able to provide you with perfect matches. In addition, if you are the Platinum member you can highlight your profile and make it more attractive for women.

Safety & Anti-Scam

Thai women do not look like fraudsters but you never know where and when you might expect deception. In order to minimize the risk of unpleasant situations, the ThaiCupid scam policy is complex and multi-sided. To get a permission for registration on the site any girl has come to the local office and talk to the experts there. The site works only with trustworthy agencies and the local decisions are treated as reasonable and reliable. Hence, is a girl is perceived as sincere in her intentions she gets an access to the site. Obviously, all of her documents are checked and her identity if verified before she is allowed to register.
To protect the private data of the customers the site cooperates with McAfee. Thus, the risk of the data leakage or misuse is reduced. Anyway, clients themselves should be attentive and follow the tips listed on the site.


The site allows you to use basic features for free: you can look through the profiles of your potential Thai brides and send them notifications about your interest. However, to exploit more advanced options such as chat rooms or instant messages you are expected to buy a subscription. If you spend some time and read a few ThaiCupid reviews you would find out which benefits you may expect when using each type of subscription. The Gold membership is still limited in terms of some functions but, at the same time, you might find the Platinum membership to be too expensive.
You can also decide on the duration of your membership: you can start from the one-month membership but you have a chance to buy an annual access to the website. Your loyalty to the site would be rewarded: the longer you keep on using the services – the less you pay per month.
• Gold membership:
− 1 month costs $34.99
− 3 months cost $69.98 ($23.33 per month)
− 6 months cost $104.98 ($17.50 per month)
− 12 months cost $139.99 ($11.67 per month)
• Platinum membership prices:
− 1 month costs $39.99
− 3 months cost $79.98 ($26.66 per month)
− 6 months cost $119.98 ($20.00 per month)
− 12 months cost $159.99 ($13.33 per month)

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user avatar
Thai Cupid is full of fake profiles. All they want to do is take your money in registration and leave you with nothing. Every profile that I clicked on, ended up being a fake one. I would never recommend Thai Cupid to anyone. Complete wastage!
user avatar
Living abroad, far from your love is hard. But we met online and our relationships started on distance. Still, I want to move to her now, but whatever sadness I experience from time to time, I am so grateful to Thai Cupid for matching me up with my girl.
user avatar
I’ve been in Thailand for 5 times but never got to meet a Thai girlfriend. When I returned home I decided to fix it and joined Thai Cupid. I think it was the wisest idea of my life.
user avatar
I always wanted to try and live in another country and Thailand was ideal for me. Living there for 3 months I understood that it is hard for me to date girls there. I started using Thai Cupid and situation changed - I am in a romantic relationship with one lady.
user avatar
I decided to try online dating, because I wanted to overcome my divorce. The result exceeded all expectations - I met my soulmate, and we are dating offline for a half of year now. And yes, I moved to Thailand.
user avatar
What a place to meet gorgeous Thai women. I didn’t think that I would fell into online-dating, but thanks to the Thai Cupid I am enjoying it to the full.
user avatar
I am just coming to the end of my 2-month experience. So far so good. I have met several great girls who were not just beautiful but also smart, and we had a lot in common. My third connection was so good that I continue chatting with her and even hope to meet her someday.
user avatar
The selection of women is incredible! I love that the site focuses on Thai girls. I don’t want an Asian wife – I want Thai wife! And it seems to me that I would manage to find her here. I mean how could I fail if there are so many gracious and sweet girls around?
user avatar
Nothing could ever change you but love! I think I met my destiny of Thai Cupid! I spent a few years chatting with women from all over the planet and, to be honest, I had no intention to get married. I wasn’t really sincere with the ladies I met. And I thought I was going to spend some more time online, just to have fun, you know, nothing serious. My trip to Thailand was just a new affair in the sequence of adventures I had before. But when I met my girl in person, when I finally saw her as a real human, I realized that I was done with dating websites. I don’t want to waste my time on random girls is I can spend my life with the woman I love! Thanks, Thai Cupid!
user avatar
I can’t it’s the best site I’ve ever used. But Thai Cupid is easy to use and has a good selection of women. I’ve never found myself in a situation when I enter the site and there is no one there.
user avatar
I’ve been using the site for almost a year. Everything is fine but lately, I got acquainted with a woman and I’m sure she is trying to deceive me! I asked her to talk to me in video chat as I wanted to see her, but she refused. I sent her a present – a necklace – and asked her to make a photo wearing it, but she refused again. I have a feeling that the woman I’m chatting with is not the one I see on the photos. I contacted the customer support service and asked them to tell me if I was right but that said they could not give me any information. Well, I stopped communication with the lady but it is still not clear who she is.
user avatar
They claim it takes 5-10 minutes to register. No way! I spend over an hour before I was allowed to enter the site. At first, I filled in the basic information, then I uploaded my photos and then I was waiting and waiting until they finally confirmed my profile. Okay, that was more or less bearable. I spent a few weeks on the site and I realized I had nothing to do there. Yeah, there are a lot of girls on the site but many ladies have empty profiles. I mean you see the photo, the name, and that’s all. I suspect that those girls are either fraudsters or non-existing people. I wanted to delete my profile as I didn’t want my information to remain on Thai Cupid but it turned out that I could only hide my profile. How is it possible?! I asked the support team to delete my profile but they failed to explain why it was impossible. It’s not like a big deal but it was annoying!
user avatar
I wish I could speak any other language in addition to English. I feel so helpless when I receive messages from any lady and I can’t understand a single word there! I wanted to use translation services but now the Platinum membership seems a bit too expensive for me.
user avatar
I lived in Thailand when I was a teenager. My father worked here so I spent a few years in the country and managed to learn the language. Since those times I have only bright and pleasant memories about Thailand and the local people. Now I’m in the age when I realize that I want to have my own family and that it would so great to spend the life with one of those Thai beauties who I used to see every day. So, I registered on Thai Cupid and so far, everything seems to be good! I haven’t met the love of my life yet but there are so many ladies here that I have no doubts it’s going to work! I don’t even mind moving back to Thailand if the lady is feeling like staying there.
user avatar
Thai Cupid is a decent venue for meeting the local girls. If you care about some minor imperfections in the pricing models you should quit the site and join some international website. I’m here to meet a Thai girl and I’m ready to pay for an access to such a great database!
user avatar
I’ve never seen that many Thai girls on a dating website! It’s really nice to browse them page by page and often I don’t even know who of them is more attractive! But I found it a bit too expensive, especially when it comes to Platinum membership. I don’t think that video chats should be that expensive.
user avatar
I’m using Thai Cupid just for fun. For me, it’s enough to text a few ladies once or twice a week. Dating websites are just the way to relax and distract from the routine. I’m totally fine with all the options I have being the Gold member.
user avatar
I like that I don’t have to worry about the language here. I know that the translation offered is not the best one you can imagine but it is decent enough for me to understand what a lady is trying to tell me. It simplifies my life a lot! On a few dating websites which I used before there were no translations of messages and it was annoying. I was paying for getting all the means for communication with foreign ladies and I expected to be provided with the pleasant experience. Anyway, all the sites that were less convenient than Thai Cupid are already gone for me.
user avatar
Thai women are so petite and adorable! Every time when I chat with a lady on Thai Cupid I can’t get rid of a thought how fragile the girl is. And it is incredibly attractive! I’m planning to go to Thailand soon to see those beauties. For me, it was a bit confusing when I was trying to deal with tickets and hotels. I’m not that keen on traveling and I always worry that I would misunderstand something and that I would fail to do everything on time. I wish Thai Cupid could do all those arrangements for me!
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