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Russian Cupid Reviews

Latest update: 2019-10-22

Over 1.5 million members use services of Russian Cupid. The site gives you a key opening the door into a realm full of Russian beauties and ladies from other East European countries. If you are puzzled and have no idea who of these girls is your destiny – don’t worry! Russian Cupid would provide you with the list of your perfect matches.

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Russian Cupid Site Overview



Russian women live in the dreams of numerous gentlemen worldwide. Having the reputation of passionate and devoted wives, Russian girls attract men from the Western countries and mesmerize them. The mysterious Russian soul together with the astonishing beauty of hot Russian women is enough for men to take trips to Russia and to look for a wife among the Slavic ladies. However, gentlemen usually prefer to travel that far in a case they have at least one meeting arranged with a particular girl as it is pretty hard to find a wife wandering in Moscow or any other Russian city. Hence, there are certain websites that help men to get acquainted with the ladies from Russia online and to agree about a meeting with them.

RussianCupid is one of the most reputable services available in the market. It belongs to the Cupid Media group which unites around 35 different dating sites dedicated to a specific niche in the market. There is nothing surprising in the fact that Russian cupid is focused on introducing Russian ladies to their potential husbands from abroad. As the Cupid Media was established in 2000, the site operates for many years and has the reputation of trustworthy virtual venue for dating East European women. Although the majority of ladies often have at least the basic level of English, this Russian dating service wants to make sure that the members of the site have no problems with finding the common language: the Premium members can benefit from using automatic translation services. Depending on the type of the membership chosen, the client experiences the different level of functionality and services.

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Ease of Use

RussianCupid asks its potential members to pass a quick and simple registration process. You can set up your new profile in a few clicks as no excessive information is required: you have to provide your email and credit card information. The latter would be useful in a case you want to upgrade your standard free membership to Gold or Premium level. However, you can start checking the services offered for free and you have enough time to get used to navigating the site. In general, the site is similar in its functions and template to the rest of sites that belong to the Cupid Media. Hence, you have experience of using any sister sites you would have no problems with operating the Russian dating service .

The site is designed in violet tones that convey the sense of tenderness inherent to Russian girls. The only noticeable minus of the site is that it has no specific application for mobile devices: whenever you want to chat or to scroll through profiles of the ladies you have to exploit your browser.

Services & Support

You can start your pursuit of love from the free standard subscription. The free membership allows you to send a certain number of messages in reply and show your interest in a lady by sending her a wink. It means that you cannot be the first to start a dialogue – you can only encourage a woman to react somehow on your wink. Most likely, after browsing the site for a while you would be interested in upgrading your subscription as there are so many Russian women looking for men that it would be hard to you to overcome the temptation to contact them. When you have the more advanced membership you experience more benefits: when you are the Gold member you have the right to text girls and give them phone calls, but video messages and chatting are available only for the Platinum members.
Also, this Russian dating site offers its Platinum members the automatic translation services which prove to come in handy during communication with Russian women. Although the site does not help you with visa and other documents needed to visit Russia, it gives you all the tools to establish the initial contact with ladies and to maintain the dialogue with those women that seem to be the most attractive.

Number of Members

The site claims to have 1.5 million members. This figure should not surprise you as Russian dating market is rather extensive and a lot of hot Russian women are eager to meet a foreigner and to leave their life in Russia far behind. Therefore, plenty of new profiles is being added to the site on a daily basis. You should use your chance and look through new profiles regularly.
Over 20000 visitors enter the site during a month. Whenever you open your account you can notice that a few hundred women are online and you can easily initiate a contact with them.

Quality of Profiles

When girls register on they are asked to provide the recent photos and to fill in their profiles. Usually, girls want to provide as much information as possible; hence, their profiles often look like holistic life stories. To find a girl with traits which you appreciate in women you can apply either basic or advanced search tools. When you use the basic set of search options you can segregate women according to their appearance (hair color, eye color, weight, height), background, knowledge of languages, lifestyle, and habits. Advanced search helps you to find women with certain hobbies and interests or women with physical characteristics you admire.
Whenever you find a particular girl attractive you can add her to the list of your favorites and start the dialogue with her when you want. Also, you can see who marked you as a favorite. And, immediately after passing the RussianCupid login procedure, you receive the list of perfect matches provided by the site free of charge.

Safety & Anti-Scam

Russian cupid is extremely cautious when it comes to scam. Hence, the RussianCupid scam policy implies a few procedures that are required to be followed. First of all, the ladies who want to join the site have to attend a face-to-face interview with a representative of their local agency. The experts check their documents, verify their identities and make sure that the girls are not working for any dating company. Also, the background information on all the ladies is being checked as the site wants to know if a woman has children or if she is divorced, etc.
The clients do not have to worry about the fraudsters as the selection process is strict and complex. Also, they do not need to fear that their personal data (e.g., credit card information) would be compromised somehow.


RussianCupid has a simple and clear pricing policy. At first, you register for free and use all the benefits inherent to the Standard membership. However, any RussianCupid review would tell you that the set of free services is pretty limited. So, if you are serious in your intentions to marry a Russian lady you have to consider upgrading your membership. If you check the prices for Gold and Platinum subscription you will notice that it is better to purchase a long-term membership:
• Gold membership:
− 1 month costs $34.99
− 3 months cost $69.98 ($23.33 per month)
− 6 months cost $104.98 ($17.50 per month)
− 12 months cost $139.99 ($11.67 per month)
• Platinum membership prices:
− 1 month costs $39.99
− 3 months cost $79.98 ($26.66 per month)
− 6 months cost $119.98 ($20.00 per month)
− 12 months cost $159.99 ($13.33 per month)

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user avatar
I care a lot about my security. Here I can be calm because the website takes care of everything.
user avatar
Being an Apple user, I was not able to use their services on my iOS device. This is just pathetic as I had already paid for their premium membership.
user avatar
Russian Cupid is an enormously popular website in my region, so I didn’t have a choice, but to try it. And now I understand what everyone is talking about - it’s matching rate impresses.
user avatar
I AM A FAN! Yes, Russian girls are sooooo beautiful and Russian Cupid is the perfect place to meet them!
user avatar
Russian Cupid is what I was looking for. Excellent reputation, no scammers, beautiful ladies that are really looking for a relationship. Russian Cupid matched me up with amazing girls.
user avatar
I like Russian Cupid because it has a lot of girls in its database and thousands of them are always online. I have a lot of fun due to this website.
user avatar
Russian girls are the best! They are caring, loving and gentle. Russian Cupid is one of the most popular websites to meet Russian beauty, and it has a reason for that. Service is amazing!
user avatar
As crazy as it might sound I managed to find a beautiful girl on Russian Cupid. Having used this site for three weeks, I started looking for my match from the very first day I registered. Although I have to constantly look for girls and after finding the one I like, pay for a chance to chat with her, I am thrilled with the result I have so far. The website works.
user avatar
I used a few dating services before but as of now Russian Cupid is the most sophisticated one. I guess those guys from Cupid Media have enough experience to make it work as smoothly as it does. Good job! I guess you could have spent a bit more time on training your support team as they fail to respond as quickly as it is promised.
user avatar
When I registered I had some troubles as I provided the wrong credit card information. Everything was fine but I wrote one wrong figure and somehow system accepted it. But when I wanted to log in there was a caution note telling me that such an account didn’t exist. And there was an option for me to register once again as there was a note telling me that the email address is already taken for registration. I contacted the customer support center a few time and it took them a while to respond. Luckily, they fixed the problem in a few clicks. But I wish they could have reacted more rapidly.
user avatar
Amazing! I took me three months to register, get acquainted with a girl, travel to Moscow and marry her! Can you imagine relation to be developing that fast? Love at the first sight, huh?
user avatar
It’s so cool that Russian Cupid translates messages! I don’t speak Russian and I can’t translate it on my own. But when I get the translation I can at least grasp the general idea of what was written there. I know it’s not perfect but I don’t need it to be perfect.
user avatar
Thanks, Russian Cupid! I met Sonya here and I proposed to her! We’ve been dating online for a few months and I finally saw her face-to-face yesterday. I wasn’t 100% sure if she was the one. But I looked at her and understood that she was! I hope that we would manage to get married and there would be no problems with bureaucracy in Russia. I heard different stories how they prevent local girls from leaving the country. But I don’t want to think of it! I’m so happy now!
user avatar
I adore the entire Cupid Media family! I’m using some other of their sites as I’m not only into Russian women. I want my horizons to be as broad as possible! But so far Russian Cupid is my favorite venue!
user avatar
Whenever I’m bored I know that Russian Cupid would save my day. I just need to open my laptop – and I immediately travel far-far away! When you spend a few hours talking to a Russian girl you can forget that your real life is here. And I should confess that sometimes I wish my real life was there, with her.
user avatar
I find Russian Cupid to be just fine. There is nothing too impressive about this site but I should admit that it does its job and I have nothing to complain about.
user avatar
Every evening I end up chatting with one of the Russian beauties. There is nothing serious, so far. But for me, it is the best way to finish the hard day full of irritating work and pointless tasks.
user avatar
Russian Cupid is great! I can say that I’m an expert in dating websites as I’ve been using different platforms for almost 5 years and I know what I’m talking about!
user avatar
Dating sites are an entertainment for me. I’m not looking for serious relations and I never tell girls that I want to date them and then marry. I’m not the one who deceives people for no reason. I just want to have fun here. And for me, Russian Cupid is a good place to relax.
user avatar
I speak Russian pretty well and I prefer to talk to women on my own, without interpreters. Actually, I was supposed to do so as long as I had the Gold membership – they don’t offer translation services on this level. Later I bought the Premium subscription and they offered me to try an automatic translation. That was hilarious! I mean it was sad and hilarious simultaneously. I wonder who people who use it manage to understand each other. When I translated the email from one girl in English it made no sense at all! I know the service is automatic so it can’t be perfect. Anyway, I feel sorry for those guys who are trying to decode these sequences of meaningless and disconnected words.
user avatar
I have an eye for Russian women. Whenever I start to talking to one of them on the site it means that we are going to chat for a pretty long time. I don’t remember a single time when I texted a lady just to find out after a few messages that I don’t like her. It’s never happened to me. And I love to look through the women who joined the site lately. It’s so cool to be the first one to talk to a girl! She is still confused a bit and you are the one to explain to her how things are done here.
user avatar
I joined the site during my holidays in Moscow. When I arrived and looked at all those women walking around me I understood that I need a Russian wife. This idea got stuck in my mind and I started my search. I managed to meet a few girls while I still was in Russia: they were really glad to hear that I was in Moscow and they were happy to meet face-to-face. But beauty is not the only thing I’m looking for in my future wife. Those ladies were great and fascinating but they didn’t seem to match me in my interests. I’m a tennis player and I do go in for sports a lot. So for me, it’s important that a woman is also keen on such activities. I left Russia alone but I keep on talking to women online. And when I notice that any girl is the one I’m looking for I would immediately book the flight to Moscow!
user avatar
Well, I don’t mind to pay for services, for high-quality services. But I can’t say that Russian Cupid is that amazing as you could think when you see its prices. Everything is fine but you can find cheaper options to date Russian women online.
user avatar
To marry a Russian girl was my dream since my first visit to Moscow. Now I’m engaged and in two weeks I’m going to Russia to marry Olga! I’ve never thought that dating site would be the one to define my destiny. And I was so wrong! Thanks, Russian Cupid!
user avatar
Honestly, when I’m paying that amount of money I expect to get decent services. I know Russian Cupid is not taking responsibility for arranging face-to-face meetings with ladies. But could they at least check who they allowed registering on the site? I was chatting with an amazing girl for a while, a called her regularly. She said she could not talk to me in video chat as has no web camera. It sounded pretty reasonable so I didn’t insist. Then I booked my trip to Russia as I wanted to see her in person. I think it’s not that hard to predict what happened next. Yes, when we met it was a completely different woman! Are you kidding me?! Okay, I should admit that although the girl wasn’t model-like lady she was great! And we still stay in touch. But I’m slightly disappointed in Russian Cupid.
user avatar
I like the simplicity of getting in touch with a girl here. I’ve never been so popular with women in my entire life! I mean when I text any girl here I do not expect to get an immediate response but I do get it! These girls are so easy-going and friendly! It seems to me that they were just waiting for me to come here and to talk to them. Sometimes it is even hard for me to respond to all the messages as I don’t know who I should answer first.
user avatar
It’s great that I don’t have to pay to talk to girls here! I’m using a few other dating services and they are annoyingly expensive! But on Russian Cupid, I can send notes to women and to talk to them for free. Of course, if I notice a lady that I would be glad to talk to I would upgrade my subscription but so far I see no reasons to do so.
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