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Russian Brides Reviews

Latest update: 2019-10-22
Russian Brides is the niche dating sites representing Russian and East European ladies. Being a part of Anastasia family the site is equipped with numerous sophisticated options such as live chats and CamShare service – a high-quality video chat. In addition, if you are interested in meeting a particular lady face-to-face you have nothing to worry about – all the preparations for your offline date would be done by Russian Brides.

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Russian Brides Site Overview



Russian girls have a specific image worldwide: they are treated as devoted and passionate wives and as wise and tender mothers. Men perceive Russians as those who know how to take care of the house and how to make family life cozy and pleasant. Hence, there is nothing surprising in the fact that lots of gentlemen are dreaming of meeting a woman from Russia and spending the entire life with her. As it might be pretty challenging men are seeking the assistance of experts in the questions of dating.
Russian Brides is a part of Anastasia international group of dating and marriage websites. In fact, it resembles the parent site in the majority of aspects: design is alike, the pricing model is the same, the set of free and paid functions is the same, even the database of members you can communicate with is the same. So why should you bother with registering at this precise website if can get all the services on Anastasia Date? The answer is pretty simple. Anastasia is an international portal and takes care of diverse regions. Meanwhile, the portal dedicated exclusively to Russia (also it deals with Ukraine, Belarus, and Moldova) can provide you with more targeted services. For instance, you can be consulted in terms of legal regulations in Russia, get more insights into cultural aspects and other nuances. So, you get the same quality of services but they are more focused on the context of Russia.
The website is perfect if you are serious in your intention to date Russian women or to marry Russian.

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Ease of Use

If you look through a few RussianBrides reviews you would immediately notice that customers emphasize the simplicity of registration. However, on a contrary to Anastasia Date, you would be asked to provide additional information – not only you name and email. To sign up you have to give your credit card number and pay a charge of $15.99. This money will be given you back immediately after the registration process is over.
RussianBrides has the clear and simple interface: you need no specific hints to get used to navigating it in a few minutes. The site is available in English, Spanish, and Swedish so that you can choose the language which is the most convenient for you. In a case, you have any questions or problems with the site the customer support team will consult you whenever you need as it works 24/7 and is ready to help any client to avoid inconveniences.

Services & Support

Being one of the most sophisticated and well-known Russian mail order brides services, the site offers you numerous functions that help you to find and to date Russian women. As Anastasia keeps an eye on all the sites that belong to its group the services are of the highest quality. Thus, you get an access to diverse communication tools such as emails, Live Chat, CamShare service, phone calls, etc. While emails are the pretty regular way of exchanging information, Live Chats are much more entertaining: you can see your partner, text with each other, and play online games. Meanwhile, CamShare gives you a chance to invite a girl to a sort of video chat with you.
Along with virtual communication, you can try to establish more analog contact. For instance, you can send gifts and flowers to those girls that you find attractive. Moreover, you can book an offline date in the hometown of a lady or in the local office where the lady is registered. During 1,5 hours you would communicate with her and, if needed, an interpreter would support you. Also, if you made a final decision to marry Russian the company would support you when you prepare all the documents.

Number of Members has the same database of members as Anastasia Date. It means that get an access to more than 20 million profiles of the members registered all over the world. The site itself claims that more than 25000 women have passed the RussianBrides register process but you should know that the database is much bigger. For instance, the site has 80 million online visitors annually.
Hence, you have a wide choice when you start looking for a partner. In order not to miss anyone who has just joined the community you can check the list of the newest ladies: Moscow women, Ukrainian girls, etc. upload their profiles to the site on a regular basis. Also, pay attention to the list of the Top 1000 ladies and to those girls who are online when you visit the website: you can initiate conversation with them immediately.

Quality of Profiles

Russian Brides are serious about making the website as helpful and informative as possible. Indeed, the more information on members you can find the easier you can start the dialogue with a precise woman. After you passed registration and RussianBrides login process you will be asked to fill in your profile. Do not be lazy or indifferent and try to provide as complete information as possible. No one is going to ask you intimate questions or something undermining your security – you are asked to share basic personal details, demographic information, interests and hobbies, hopes and dreams. The ladies also fill in the same form so that you both can find out initial information to base your conversation on.
You can search out ladies due to their age, country or interests and find those who meet your expectations. Also, pay attention to a sign “Confirmed profile”: it means that the account has been verified and you will not deal with a fraudster.

Safety & Anti-Scam

The website is very serious about data security and protection of its customers from fraudsters. RussianBrides scam policy is complex and is based on personal contacts with all the women that want to register on the site: girls have to attend face-to-face interview so that experts can verify their personalities and contact information, make sure that such a girl really exists and that she is sincere in her intention to find a husband abroad. In a case, any of the Russian girls behaves suspiciously she is checked immediately. If inappropriate behavior is detected the woman is removed from the site and the agency that allowed her to register is fined.
Also, the private information of the clients is protected with McAfee and VeriSign. Hence, customers do not have to worry that their credit information or any other personal data would be compromised or would leak.


The pricing scheme of Russian Brides is identical to the one used on all the sites of Anastasia group. Any client can register at the site for free and look through profiles of the other members without paying anything. The initial charge of $15.99 is paid back immediately after the moment when registration is complete. Since that moment a customer can use the site for free. However, to contact any single Russian woman in live chat, to invite her to a video conversation or to call her, a customer has to pay with credits. Credits are virtual tokens purchased for real money. In order to encourage you to buy more credits the website has a simple policy: the more you buy – the less you pay per credit. For instance, you can assess the difference in prices:
• 1000 credits for $399 ($0.40 per credit)
• 500 credits for $249 ($0.50 per credit)
• 160 credits for $96 ($0.60 per credit)
• 20 credits for $15.99 ($0.80 per credit)

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user avatar
I’ve tried many websites: VictoriaHearts, LoveSwans, etc. But Russian Brides caught my eye by being a modest sister of the mentioned above. It is simple and understandable. I love it.
user avatar
The mobile version of Russian Brides is just completely pathetic. It has no features and it is more difficult to use than any other service in the world. It just keeps on crashing almost every second. I would never recommend using their mobile version to anyone and they do not have a mobile app.
user avatar
It is always hard to choose one mail-order bride site out of millions on the market. Fortunately, there is one which stands out - Russian Brides. I choose it for its price and quality.
user avatar
Russian Brides is the best I service I’ve tried. What I liked and why I would recommend it is because of its wide variety of chatting options. I really fell into that. Incredible!
user avatar
I tried meeting up offline and online, and yet I love online more, especially with this service. The thing is that you can see photos of girls, videos, chat with them, get to know them and only then meet if you want. For me, it is the perfect way to match up with someone.
user avatar
Russian Brides are super hot and amazingly kind. I have already met two of them in real life! Still looking for the perfect girl.
user avatar
Meeting ladies when you are not young anymore is hard. Russian Brides became my solution. I found fantastic girls here, with whom I chat. Even though it’s nothing serious for now, I am still happy.
user avatar
I am an active man in my early 60s and I am totally happy with a website as it helped me overcome my divorce. I am currently chatting with an amazing lady from Russia and going to arrange a trip to see her
user avatar
It’s been almost a year since I met my girl on the site! I have never believed it is possible to find your love online but accidentally I noticed that I’m not texting on Russian Brides just for fun – I noticed that I miss her, that I’m in love. I won’t call it a miracle but it is definitely an incredible feeling!
user avatar
Joining online dating website was a totally new experience for me. I knew nothing about this services and I knew that I want to communicate with women from Eastern Europe, preferably from Russia. So I checked websites that deal with girls from this region and decided that is the one I was looking for. I don’t know what attracted me at that moment but I registered. It seemed weird to me that I was immediately charged $15.99 and I worried that they would try to deceive me and steal my money. But no, no nothing like that happened! I got my money back, bought some credits and now I’m spending my free time talking to amazing ladies online! So far I haven’t met anyone special but there are so many beautiful and interesting girls here that I’m sure I would soon meet my wife!
user avatar
Russian women are astonishing! I scroll through the website and I cannot help staring at all that beauty I see on the screen! I fear that once I might forget how to breathe.
user avatar
Services seem to be a bit expensive. At first, I was annoyed that every time I was to chat I have to pay with those confusing credits. But since I met Olga I stopped counting money. Would you really care that you have to pay a few dollars to call the woman you love? I doubt. At least I don’t care. It might be weird to waste money on some random and meaningless small talks, but when you are really into a person and you know what you want to say and what you want to hear, money plays no role any longer.
user avatar
At first, it was amazing! I received over 3 hundred letters in less than a week. Impressive, huh? But to answer all those ladies I needed hundreds of credits and they cost money. So I selected 5 girls that were the most attractive and invited them to video chat. The conversation with the first one cost me around $200, the rest were approximately the same. Yes, the girls are beautiful, some of them are interesting to talk to. But whenever I mentioned that I want to talk to them on Skype or Viber they said they did not use those services. How is it even possible to stay online and neglect Skype or Viber? Of course, they want to stay on the site as they are paid for talking to me. It was humiliating. I don’t know, maybe someone can find their love online. I only managed to find unscrupulous fraudsters.
user avatar
I don’t get those complaining about prices. If the site seems too expensive for you then maybe you need to reconsider your financial abilities and change the service instead of blaming Russian Brides?
user avatar
The name of the site is the thing that attracted my attention. Yes, I dream about a girl from Russia that would agree to become my wife. It’s been I few months since I registered and I’m still single. But I think it is not the fault of the site or girls – it is me being too picky. I want my wife to be perfect and I’m ready to wait for her as long as it would be needed.
user avatar
I spent almost a year on the site before I saw her picture. Someone may say that I’m making up a story and there is no such thing as love at first sight. I feel sorry for those who think so. Because since I saw a picture of Tatiana I knew – she would be my wife. It took me a while to break the ice between us as she didn’t have a crash on me. But once I came to Moscow I became obvious that we would end up married. And guess what? We did! I never treated my registration on the site as a serious step that would change my life. But I was wrong. I’m really happy that all my skeptic thoughts had nothing to do with reality.
user avatar
The Russian girls are the hottest I’ve ever seen! How that many beauties could live in one country? I cannot wait to come to Moscow and see them with my own eyes!
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