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RomanceTale Reviews

Latest update: 2020-01-09

RomanceTale is a real expert in the field of online dating. With modern means of communication, professional support team, and quality members, RomanceTale becomes one of the best dating services.

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RomanceTale Site Overview



Asian women usually have the reputation of perfect and devoted wives. Eastern beauty attracts men worldwide and makes them dream of dating one of those model-like girls that smile at them from screens of their laptops. The problem is that finding a girlfriend abroad is not the easiest task. Of course, you might meet her accidentally but what is the probability that the very first girl would be the one you would fall in love with? Chances are pretty miserable. Therefore, there are numerous dating sites that help men to find their spouse among Eastern beauties.

RomanceTale is one of the most reputable services that make cross-cultural marriages possible. RomanceTale suggests you expand your horizons and think beyond borders. If you want to meet mature ladies or young girls you just need to find the right assistant that would help you to overcome cultural barriers and to find the common language with women. Today women dating foreigners can surprise no one: people think globally.
The site offers you a wide range of services that will come in handy on all the stage of building relations with a particular lady. 

Ease of Use

RomanceTale register process is extremely simple: you just need to enter your email and password and have your credit card valid. The design is simple so that you need no special hints on how to navigate the site or how to find functions you need. In addition, the site is attractive visually and does not contain any disturbing and irritating ads.

Services & Support

RomanceTale provides a client with diverse services that help men to interact with their potential wives . First of all, a client can start with a note. It is a free notification which lets the lady know that you are interested in her. To continue communication you can send emails, exchange instant messages in live chat. Also, you can send virtual gifts to those ladies you find attractive or you can make your communication more offline and send them real presents and flowers.

If you feel that you lack information on the lady and you want to see how she behaves you can always watch video shows. This service allows you to watch home videos featuring the lady. Unfortunately, not all the girls upload such short movies to the site. So, if you want to see the lady you can ask for a Date – a face-to-face meeting with a girl in her hometown or in a local office. The site helps you to schedule the meeting, to arrange a date. Also, it provides you with an interpreter.

Number of Members has over 180000 monthly visitors from all over the world. However, when it comes to female segment of the site’s visitors they are mainly from Eastern Europe and Asia. Hot Asian women , young girls, mature ladies – these categories of women are waiting for their destiny and for the love of their lives on the site. Whenever you enter the site you can be sure that around 520 members will be active and some of them would be glad to talk to you.

To find a woman to start a conversation with you can look through the list of currently active ladies or you can check the list of the newest members. If you regularly look through the profiles of recently added women you would be sure that you didn’t miss anyone who might be your spouse. In addition, to keep the track of interaction under control you can add ladies on the list of favorites and also you can see who added you to such list.

Quality of Profiles

In online dating high-quality profiles play the key role. The more information you share – the more chances you get to meet your perfect match. According to RomanceTale reviews , the site analyzes data you disclosed in your profile and provide you with a few matches that might attract your attention. Hence, you can select ladies among those who match you.

Or you can apply a different strategy. As the ladies answer a lot of questions considering their age, appearance, interests, hobbies, goals, intentions, you can apply advanced search tools and segregate women according to selected criteria (e.g., age, hobby, nationality). The majority of profiles on the site contain complex information on the lady, her photos and sometimes even home video. Hence, you should not have any problems with selecting the most interesting and attractive women.

Safety & Anti-Scam

Women on online dating sites are often blamed for being fraudsters that are trying to deceive men and rob them. To eliminate such a stereotype, RomanceTale policy is strict and complex. First of all, ladies that want to register on the site have to verify their personality and submit documents proving that they are real. Hence, you would not find yourself chatting with a woman who does not exist in reality. Also, in a case woman gives you certain promises and does not keep them, the site takes care of the issue. For instance, if you a date arrange with a girl and everything seems to be fine but all of a sudden the girl cancels your date you would get a refund.
To protect your money and your confidential personal information the site cooperates with McAfee and Norton. In addition, to protect you from accidental mistakes in online communication the site offers you plenty of security tips to follow.


RomanceTale login is free and initial membership is also free. But the only thing you can do with a free membership is to browse profiles and send a few emails. To perform other actions you have to buy the subscription. RomanceTale has simple and reasonable pricing policy. To buy a premium subscription you have to pay only $2.99 for the first 20 Credits.  To keep on using any services you need to purchase a certain amount of credits which you will use to pay for services. To encourage you to communicate more the site offers you a good deal: the more credits you buy – the less you pay per credit:
• 250 Credit Pack for $69.99 ($0.28 per credit)
• 125 Credit Pack for $44.99 ($0.35 per credit)
• 50 Credit Pack for $19.99 ($0.39 per credit)
• 20 Credits Pack for $2.99 ($0.15 per credit)

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user avatar
It has a lot of pros and cons. But the main pro is that it works. Even though for me it is a pricey service, it is still worth it.
user avatar
The name is luring enough to make you believe that you might just find the ideal match or hook up or meet the date that you have been looking forward to. I don't know about a romantic tale, but you are sure to waste a lot of time and efforts here. This site will only leave you disappointed and crap the hell out of you.
user avatar
Fair price, good quality. However, didn’t enjoy the work of customer support.
user avatar
If you want to meet a girl online, but don’t know where to start, RomanceTale, as for me, a great option. It is smart, simple and really full on different cool features that you will like as a new member.
user avatar
RomanceTale is for adventurous guys, who are not afraid to date foreign girl. My gf is Tai now and all thanks to RomanceTale.
user avatar
AWESOME!! The reviews about this service promised even less than I got in the result. Amazing platform.
user avatar
Before using any platform, decide for yourself what do you want to get from it. Romance Tale is my favorite among all because here I met my girlfriend. I traveled to Ukraine to see her, and we spent fantastic time. I hope that this service will make my loneliness go away forever.
user avatar
I have been using this dating platform for some time due to its convenient design, beautiful ladies and strong safety policy. I mean that girls here are all real and they always reply. I myself have already had 7 dates. Looking for building a serious relationship now.
user avatar
I chose Romance Tale as fall for its review and wanted to meet a girl from another country with other culture. This platform is ideal to look for a Slavic or Asian lady. I haven’t found my perfect girl yet, but I keep trying as I feel that Romance Tale is the place, where my dream can come true.
user avatar
I could not be more glad about this service and would recommend it to any single person out there.
user avatar
I really like looking at and I think this website got some really utilitarian stuff on it!
user avatar
Charm Date drives me crazy! There are so many amazing women here! I literally can’t wait to enter the site and text one of my adorable ladies! I know I planned to look for a wife here but how can I miss the chance to talk to all those beauties?
user avatar
I’m always stressed when I have to communicate with girls face-to-face. I don’t know what to say, how to behave. I feel nervous and I always ruin everything. But online I can relax and behave naturally. On Charm Date, I met a girl from Moscow and I can chat with her days and nights! In a month I’m planning to visit her in Russia. This is going to be a great challenge for me: foreign country, offline date, interpreter sitting next to us. I hope I won’t screw it again.
user avatar
Whenever I enter the site hundreds of Russian beauties wait for me online! I view their profiles and I have a feeling that Victoria’s Secret models chat with me! I can’t imagine the better ending of the day!
user avatar
I’m on the site for the sixth months. I’ve already been to four dates and they were pretty good. I went to Kiev and Moscow to meet the girls. But I didn’t have the feeling that we match. I might sound ridiculous and picky but I don’t want to date a beautiful Slavic girl just because she is nice and sweet and good-looking. There was some tension between us, but no passion, nothing special or remarkable. I explained myself as I didn’t mean to hurt them or to look as a jerk. We still chat occasionally but now I’m more into one new lady from Odessa. I don’t know yet but she might be the one. I think I’ll arrange a date with her soon and we’ll check how it is going offline. Because it is totally different when you exchange messages with a girl and when you see her in front of your eyes.
user avatar
The site is generally fine – nice girls, big base to choose from. But their pricing policy annoys me incredibly! I just bought the biggest package of credits, made a few calls – and have zero credits again! How is it possible? I asked the customer support service to explain to me how and when I managed to spend all my money but they never replied.
user avatar
If you are looking for a life partner you should check this site out! They have so many girls here! I got matches with a few ladies, we talked a bit and it turned out that we have a lot in common. If you are not lazy and if you dedicate some time to applying different filters to the search you would definitely find the girl who is your perfect match!
user avatar
I registered on Charm Date because I heard many good reviews and the site is generally recommended for those who want to meet an East European girl. Okay, great. I registered and it turned out that for free I can do nothing but stare at the ladies. Okay, I bought a subscription. But it turned out that subscription is also not enough to contact the girls: every time you need to pay for some services, for every message, every call. I think it’s too much. I know that dating sites have never been free but how can you charge your clients for every single action? It’s irritating. After using the site for a few weeks I realized that I wasn’t busy talking to ladies and dating them – I was busy dealing with my bills and counting the money I need to purchase more credits. Okay, I’m done with Charm Date.
user avatar
I don’t know what impression the other men have but for me, everything goes great with Charm Date. I’ve been to several dates already and there a few ahead of me soon. It would have been silly of me to complain.
user avatar
I’m so glad that I made up my mind one day and registered on Charm Date! In a week I’m going to marry my adorable fiancée Inga! I heard those stories about men being scammed on dating websites, about dishonest Russian girls that rob naïve guys, about agencies paying girls, etc. People, I have no idea what you are talking about! I met Inga on the third week after the registration and she is the only lady I was chatting with for a long time before we finally met and got engaged. Maybe if you text dozens of women simultaneously some of them feel that you are not that honest with them and they try to punish you somehow. Maybe you should stop complaining and you’d better reconsider your intentions.
user avatar
I would recommend Charm Date to everyone who is looking for a great online dating service. These guys would do everything for you, just believe me! They make amazing trips! If you are up for some adventures they would take you to Ukraine and show how things are done there!
user avatar
I wish I could speak Russian… I appreciate that Charm Date helps with translations and that they provide you with an interpreter on the face-to-face date but it is pretty awkward. Imagine you are writing some private stories as you want to share them with the lady you like and some stranger translates all this into Russian. Weird, huh? Or imagine having a date with a girl, talking to her and waiting for an interpreter to translate your words. I know it’s my problem and I should not complain but learn Russian.
user avatar
It is not my first dating site but it’s definitely the best I’ve ever used! I’ve already met a few girls and currently we chat online but I plan to go to Kiev and meet them face-to-face.
user avatar
It was a bit hard to grasp the entire idea behind all those credits. But after I finally understood how they count prices and how they charge you for your actions I should admit it is rather convenient. You do not have to pay hundreds for a membership – you have to pay only for your actions. If you don’t feel like chatting this month your credits won’t vanish and you will be able to use them next month. Paid membership is a totally different story.
user avatar
The site is rather expensive but I don’t mind paying a few hundred for a cool date. If you cannot afford to spend that money on a date, even if it is an online date, with a woman you like, then what are you doing here?
user avatar
I’m in long-distance relations with a woman I met on Charm Date. We saw each other just one when I visited her in Kiev but we date online for almost a year and we know everything about each other. So I think I’m almost ready to propose. I’ve never expected that I would be one of those guys sharing their love stories on the web, telling everyone how a dating site changed their lives. And what? Here I am! Thanks, Charm Date! I’m glad to be wrong!
user avatar
For me, online dating is just a way to have fun and relax. I don’t have any serious intentions and I don’t plan to marry the very first nice girl from Russia or Ukraine. They all seem to be nice.
user avatar
Maybe one day I would have enough of dates and different women. But when I see all those beauties on Charm Date I can’t persuade myself to marry just one and leave the rest of the ladies far behind.
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