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Japan Cupid Reviews

Latest update: 2019-10-22

Japan Cupid hosts over 700000 members and helps Japanese men and women find their love in Japan as well as outside the country. Depending on the level of subscription, clients get an access to diverse communication tools – live chats, video chats, automatic translation services, etc. Japan Cupid treats its reputation seriously and makes sure that the identities of all the ladies are verified.

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Japan Cupid Site Overview



Japan is famous for its history, culture, martial arts, food, and many other things. Japanese type of beauty is unique and mesmerizing: ladies with slim silhouettes, silky dark hair, tender but intent sight leave men speechless. Therefore, a lot of gentlemen travel to Japan dreaming of coming back home with an Asian wife. Usually, dating sites help men to meet Japanese women online, to agree with them on the face-to-face date in Japan.
JapanCupid is one of the largest online dating platforms that focus on Japanese women. The noticeable peculiarity of this Japanese dating site is that it deals not only with local ladies – it contains also male profiles, for instance, profiles of Western men living in Japan. Hence, the site would be interesting not exclusively for men who are looking for an Asian wife but also for local ladies who want to meet a foreigner.
JapanCupid.com was established in 2002 and belongs to the Cupid Media group. Being a niche website it cannot boast of millions of users as large international dating venues do. But the key point of the Cupid Media groups is in dividing audiences between targeted websites and in making their search more effective. Therefore, instead of dealing with thousands of random profiles any user of this site would be sure that he would get the expected search results – plenty of local girls that possess desirable traits.

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Ease of Use

Being a part of the Cupid Media group JapanCupid inherited the majority of its key features in terms of functions and design. The site is simple and intuitive in navigation: the interface is user-friendly and you would not need any special hints or instructions to get used to dealing with it. In addition, if you have any previous experience with other sites that belong to the group you would see the similarities in tiniest details. Sites differ from each other in the color scheme used in their graphic design. The Japanese dating site has pink and light blue template which makes it look tender and feminine.

Services & Support

When you register on the site you get an opportunity to keep on using it for free. You can browse profiles of Japanese girls , you can send them so-called “winks” notifying the ladies about your interest, you can reply the messages you receive from the members who possess the prepaid subscription. However, it is hard to imagine dating Japanese women without sending her text messages, calling her, exchanging videos with her. Unfortunately, the free membership deprives you of such communication tool and to get an access to them you have to purchase either Gold or Platinum subscription. Two types of membership differ in term of the functions you would be allowed to utilize and services you would get. For instance, the Platinum members get the automatic translation of the messages.
Also, you can use the site to send presents or flowers to your lady. But if you want to visit her and to see her in person you would need to arrange the trip on your own.

Number of Members

JapanCupid.com has over 700000 members. The majority of them are the ladies from Japan but you can also meet girls and gentlemen from other countries. Anyway, if you want to meet Japanese women you should start your search from this website. The number of the site members keeps on growing: new ladies register on the portal regularly. You check who has been recently added by browsing the list of the newest members of the site.
Almost 30000 users visit the site every month. You do not need to worry about the time differences between Japan and Europe or Japan and the USA: there a few hundred ladies active on the site day and night. Hence, you will not face the situation when you are online and you have no one to talk to. In order to find a partner for a conversation, you may check the list of online members.

Quality of Profiles

When you are over the registration and the JapanCupid login process you can start searching out the Japanese women who can potentially be your wives. All the ladies have detailed profiles which contain the information on their age, education, job, family, hobbies, habits, intentions, and plans. So, you can apply a few criteria to find those ladies who meet your expectations perfectly. Also, you might consider filling your own profile with multiple details. The reason why you should better do it is that the site offers you quite good matching options: if you have a lot of information in your profile the site can find a few girls that may be interesting for you. The more data you share – the more precise recommendations you would get.

Safety & Anti-Scam

The Japanese dating market is rather diverse and no one can give you 100% guarantee that none of the women would try to deceive you. Hence, you have to be attentive and to follow the tips and basic rules of online dating posted on the site: they would give you an outline of how you should behave in order to avoid unpleasant and harmful situations.
The JapanCupid scam policy is pretty simple: the site cooperates with trustworthy local agencies and the agencies are responsible for the women they allow to register on the site. Although the agencies have a good reputation, there are no guarantees that they perform in-depth verification of each girl’s identity. Anyway, it is claimed that all the ladies are being interviewed and that all their documents are being checked.


From the very beginning, you can check the profiles of Japanese brides and search them out for free. However, if you want to contact a precise beautiful Japanese girl you would need more advanced membership – Gold or Platinum. They differ in terms of functionality and you can choose the one that fits your intentions more. Also, you can pay monthly or every 3, 6, 12 months. In a case you choose a long-term subscription you would pay the lower price per month.
• Gold membership:
− 1 month costs $34.99
− 3 months cost $69.98 ($23.33 per month)
− 6 months cost $104.98 ($17.50 per month)
− 12 months cost $139.99 ($11.67 per month)
• Platinum membership prices:
− 1 month costs $39.99
− 3 months cost $79.98 ($26.66 per month)
− 6 months cost $119.98 ($20.00 per month)
− 12 months cost $159.99 ($13.33 per month)

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user avatar
I have an Apple device and I cannot even download their app as it is not iOS friendly. This is highly disappointing when you pay so much for a service. I would never recommend Japan Cupid to any iOS user.
user avatar
I always was crazy about Japanese girls and to have a place where there is such a big variety of them on everyone’s taste is something I didn’t even dare to dream. Fantastic!
user avatar
What I lack here is the diversity of countries the users come from. It is a little bit upsetting, that you can meet only Japanese girls, and if you also want Thai, you have to register on the other platform, which means paying twice.
user avatar
Sometimes it’s better to try yourself than to read reviews or comments. I should say only one thing: excellent service. There are a lot of beautiful girls online all the time, and the moment you enter the service, they start writing you. I love it.
user avatar
Searching filters here are one of the best I tried. Japan Cupid positions itself as a decent reputable service, and it cares about its users. I am a fan of it, worth trying if you are looking for a Japanese wife.
user avatar
To be honest, there was not any particular reason to choose Japan Cupid. I just wanted to chat with Asian girls, and this platform was the first one I found. I am satisfied with all its features and price.
user avatar
The site is generally good but it is pretty hard to get a response. You can stare at all those Japanese beauties but don’t expect them to contact you or to respond immediately! Sometimes it takes weeks to get an answer.
user avatar
People are complaining about the scam on the site. But I’ve noticed the tendency: whenever something doesn’t work people immediately call it “scam”. If you are not able to attract girls it’s not the fault of Japan Cupid. If you do not have at least the Gold membership the ladies here would not treat you seriously!
user avatar
The site is primarily oriented on those men and women who currently live in Japan. That’s why if you are from some other country you have to arrange your trip on your own. Also, as the site is for locals foreigners not always get what they expect to get: not every Japanese woman dreams of leaving the country with a random Western man! When I lived in the USA I decided to register and try the water. I was planning to move to Japan and wanted to make some friends beforehand. And the funny thing is that I failed. Whenever girls who I was chatting with realized that I wasn’t in Japan they had no interest in me anymore. They are not looking for long-distance relations! But when I moved to Japan and give it a try once again I had no problems with dates at all!
user avatar
I’m using the site for a while. There is nothing too impressive about it but it’s oriented on Japan and local girls. Since I’m living in Japan right now it seems to be the best choice for me!
user avatar
I’ve been the member of the site for 3 years and during this time I met 12 different girls face-to-face. And I should say that a lot of dates didn’t happen due to diverse circumstances. So, I could have had more meeting as girls on the site are looking forward to meeting a foreign guy. During three years I haven’t encountered any attempts of fraud or so – all the girls seems to be sincere in their intentions.
user avatar
I love Japan more than any other Asian country. And I’m really into to Japanese type of beauty. I see dozens of pretty women on the site every day and I keep on texting them. But the problem is that I receive one response per 10 letters I sent.
user avatar
What annoys me on Japan Cupid is their customer service. I wanted to delete some of the photos I uploaded to the site but I failed and I wanted the support team to help. But their ignored my messages and never replied. Later on, I contacted them in order to cancel my subscription and they were silent for a pretty long time. Such attitude towards the customers is horrible!
user avatar
I’m on the site for more than a year and I dated 3 women during this time. The third one has become my wife! At first, I had no idea why do the girls refuse to chat with me. And it wasn’t refusal – it was complete disregard. I was confused and frustrated as I’m not old and I don’t look weird or ugly. But then a friend of mine told me that I might have been too straightforward and with Japanese women I had to be gentler and follow certain rules of communication. And it worked! It is so easy to forget that we are completely different when it comes to culture.
user avatar
It takes some time to get used to the site. It’s my first dating website and I’m not really sure how I should behave here. I’m fascinated with Japanese girls and their unprecedented beauty but I always worry that I’m writing something inappropriate. An additional problem is a language. I wish I could speak Japanese but I don’ and the only way for me to understand a girl is to use automatic translation. It’s not the best option but so far it’s the only one I have. Anyway, I think that in a few weeks I would feel more comfortable on Japan Cupid!
user avatar
Japan Cupid is a great place to practice Japanese! Every girl that answers my email knows that I’m here only to make some friends and improve my language. No long-distance relations. Nothing like that!
user avatar
It’s decently organized website with a lot of women to talk to. The only issue is that the majority of ladies doesn’t speak English or have very poor knowledge of the language. So, it might be hard to understand each other.
user avatar
Once I read a review of the services offered by Japan Cupid and I decided to give it a try. In 4 months I ended up married to a local girl! I though such things happen only in cheap romantic comedies but now I’m like a hero of such movie! I’m married and I’m happy and I don’t care that we got acquainted online! Also, I found a really great friend there! Dating online has one cool feature: it is much harder to hurt someone’s feelings and it’s easy to become friends when you both understand that you would be disastrous as a couple. So, Japan Cupid helped me to find my love and gave me an awesome bonus – funny and smart friend overseas!
user avatar
Japan Cupid offers a great selection of local ladies. When I entered the site for the first time I was confused a bit as I had no idea where to start and who I should write to. Later it became clearer: it’s better to contact all the girl who you perceive as attractive and interesting. The point is that the site has a huge community of members and if you are not somehow famous, incredibly rich or handsome you might remain unnoticed for a long-long time. My strategy was clear and simple. Before contacting any lady I was reading her profile carefully in order to find some tiny but important details that would help me to catch her attention. It’s not that hard if you know where you should look! I had a few dates but none of the girls turned out to be the one. I’ll keep on searching on Japan Cupid as so far it seems to be pretty decent online dating venue.
user avatar
The site is simple, full of beautiful girls and it is affordable. I think it’s enough for a dating to attract my attention. I’m new on Japan Cupid but so far it is fine.
user avatar
For me, Japan Cupid is pretty expensive. I know that all the dating sites cost money. But this one charges quite a lot. I’m not planning to cancel my subscription as I know what I’m paying for: I don’t know any other site with such huge base of Japanese women!
user avatar
I heard a lot of positive comments on Japan Cupid, its database, and services. But when I registered I realized a simple truth: it is very hard to get a response when you initiate the contact with a certain lady. If you are extremely handsome or rich you would have fewer problems, I suppose. But I’m an average man and there is nothing that special about me. And it’s quite disappointing when you see all those Japanese beauties, you text them and they never replied. It doesn’t seem to be a fault of the site itself but I still feel deceived. Guys, keep your expectations low, really low if you don’t want to destroy your self-esteem in a few days!
user avatar
The customer service is just horrible! I registered on the site and next time I tried to log in I got a message saying that my profile was terminated and could not be reactivated. I wrote a message to the support team but I’m still waiting for some response. It has been almost a month of the silence! Do they even read messages from customers?!
user avatar
I purchased the three-month subscription and I was lucky enough to meet an interesting girl almost immediately after I registered. We spent those three months on the site and now we communicate with regular emails, phone calls and hand-written letters off site. She has never asked me for money and never told me any stories about sick members of her family and other obvious rubbish which scammers love to insert into their life stories. I invited her to come over and visit me in the USA. And she said that she would save some money and book tickets as soon as possible! I wish I could visit her too but I can’t leave my job for a few weeks. And I’m really impressed by her decision to arrive here! It’s not the cheapest trip so I can be sure she is sincere in her intentions and she doesn’t need my money.
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