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Elena’s Models Reviews

Latest update: 2019-10-22

Elena’s Models features thousands of profiles that belong to single ladies in Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, Belarus, and other Slavic countries. To simplify your communication with the ladies the site offers you the sophisticated built-in translator: you do not need to worry about misunderstanding your lady anymore! Also, due to a convenient mobile application, you can remain accessible 24/7.

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Elena’s Models Site Overview



Slavic women, especially, Ukrainian and Russian are subjects of the dreams of many men worldwide. Being extremely beautiful East European ladies are also famous for being tender mothers and devoted but passionate wives. In their search of love, men tend to look for assistance: numerous online dating websites are trying to provide men with the perfect environment and the perfect conditions for dating Slavic women.
Elena’s Models is a well-known company that focuses on the East European online dating market. It was established in 1999 and has almost 20 years of experience. The algorithm of its work is pretty simple: it cooperates with, for instance, a reliable Kiev marriage agency and gives it rights to provide trustworthy women with an access to the site. Later on, when men visit ElenasModels.com they browse an extended base of ladies and make a decision if they want to contact and meet any girl. The site offers not only to meet Ukrainian singles but also to establish contacts with women from Russia, Moldova, Belarus, Romania, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, etc.
Although the site has pretty long history it tries to follow the latest tendencies and to adopt modern technologies in order to make services as convenient and helpful as possible. It offers plenty of membership models and a few individual solutions for those who are interested in communication with one precise person. In addition, the company provides its client with a handy mobile application and built-in translator.

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Ease of Use

If you want to become a member of the site you would spend just a few minutes: Elena’s Models register procedure implies filling in of a short questionnaire where you have to provide the information about your name, country or residence, date of birth, email, password. Elena’s Models is happy to welcome new clients; hence, you are allowed to register and browse the profiles of the other site’s members for free. Also, you can log in with the help of your Facebook account and you can connect Skype, Facebook, other accounts on social networking sites to your account on the dating website.
The site itself is well-designed, convenient and informative. It looks modern, regardless the fact that the company is on the market for almost 20 years. Some new dating websites neglect avant-garde technologies while EM is trying to adopt all of them. For instance, you can enjoy instant communication with the ladies due to the development of the mobile application that allows you to stay in touch with the girls even on-the-go. In general, the site is easy to navigate and to deal with. But if you have any questions or concerns you can contact 24/7 support team via the helpdesk.

Services & Support

When you register on ElenasModels.com you get a free access to the site members’ profiles. In a case, you like any lady you can send a wink – an expression of your interest – for free. However, to move forward on communication you would need to purchase the subscription. The level of functionality which you would get depends directly on the type of membership you have. All the subscriptions give you a possibility to send emails, to view photos and videos uploaded by the ladies. If you are a Gold member you can chat with ladies but to give them a video call you need to have the Platinum membership. The latter will also give you an access to direct contact details. Hence, here you do not pay per minute or per letter. Also, do not forget to use a built-in translator!
Along with online services you can order offline assistance during romantic tours. In such a case, the company would contact, let’s say, a Kiev marriage agency and ask them to take care of you during your stay in Kiev.

Number of Members

Since its launch in 1999 ElenasModels.com has featured over 2 million profiles. Today, you can meet over 140000 online members and their number keeps on growing. According to the internal statistics of the site, around a hundred girls register on the site every week. These ladies are not exclusively Ukrainian or Russian – you can find girls from Belarus and Moldova, from Romania and Bulgaria. Also, you can limit your search to those Russian and Ukrainian ladies that live abroad. Hence, if you want to meet Ukrainian singles in Australia you can try to find them via the site.
The site claims to have almost 25000 monthly visitors. You can focus on communication with the ladies who you found on your own, or you can check the list of the newest members, or online members, or top-rated girls. Also, keep in mind that you see only the profiles of those members that were active during the last three months. Other profiles are hidden.

Quality of Profiles

When you complete the initial Elena’s Models login procedure you get an access to the profiles of the ladies. They contain recent photos and give you overall information on the lady: her age, education, job, marital status, nationality and religion, interests, hobbies, habits, etc. However, this data might be not enough for you to decide if you like the lady or not. Elena’s Models encourages its members to write their personal blogs which give more in-depth information on every person.
Anyway, the profiles are pretty informative. You can apply multiple search criteria to find a girl who suits your needs. For instance, you can search women by country or profession. It is advisable to look for “Confirmed profiles” – the ladies marked with this sign attended the interview with an expert.

Safety & Anti-Scam

There is nothing surprising in Russian girls dating foreign men. However, some ladies are still trying to deceive naïve gentlemen who enter dating websites to find their love. Elena’s Models scam policy is complex and innovative. The company cooperates with trustworthy and reliable local agencies. The representatives of local agencies conduct face-to-face interviews with the ladies in order to confirm their documents and identities. However, it’s not the only action the company performs to protect its customers from the scam.
The company has developed its own software called “5 Forces”. It gathers the data on the activity of all the site’s members and in a case, something suspicious happens it informs the analysts. They contact the users whose actions look uncommon in order to verify their identities once again. If analysts failed to contact the member the suspicious account would be blocked.


If you are looking for Russian girls for marriage you have an opportunity to look through the profiles of potential brides for free. However, to perform any other actions on the site and to contact ladies you need to purchase a certain type of membership. They all vary in functionality and you can get acquainted with a few Elena’s Models reviews in order to decide which one would be more appropriate for you. You may consider three levels of membership:
• Gold costs $19.99 per month;
• Platinum costs $58.25 per month;
• Ultimate costs $99.58 per month.
Regardless the type of membership you choose, you can subscribe for 3, 6, or 12 months. If you do not want the full membership and you want to focus on communication with just one lady you can purchase contact, instant chat or video chat with this particular girl. It would cost you respectively $20, $25, $35.

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user avatar
I chose and will always choose Elena’s Models because of the women there. I have never seen so many beautiful ladies in one place.
user avatar
One of my friend recommended Elena’s Models for online dating and finding new people. However, my experience here was just pathetic. I came across only scammers and could not find a single legitimate woman who was interested in something real.
user avatar
Come and try - that’s what I always say. What can I describe when I have my requirements for the platform. I enjoyed it a lot and met the girl, with whom we chat and try to build something serious and grown-up
user avatar
Elena’s Models is another regular mail order bride website. Nothing bad about it, nothing good.
user avatar
Such a typical and not really promising name of the website, but quite a good result out of using it. I really loved Elena’s Models, as all the girls are really gorgeous.
user avatar
I like that Elena’s Models provide translation and an extended database. For a reasonable price you get what you need. I use this service for a year now, and it hasn’t let me down.
user avatar
This is the service to find Russian dream wife. It is reliable and comfortable. What else do you need? My verdict - perfect.
user avatar
Elena’s Models are gorgeous. That is the main reason why I use this website. It is accurate in searching and convenient in chatting. Price is also quite ok for me.
user avatar
Elena’s Models has one of the best websites I’ve ever used. And believe me, I’m not a newbie in online dating! First of all, it has really great selection of women. If you are into East European beauties than you should come here and look at their profiles! Then, the site is informative and answers all the questions any client can possibly have: pricing, anti-scam policy, safety tips, new members, top-members – you can find everything you need here. When it comes to services, the built-in translator is an awesome idea! Rarely a man speaks Russian or Ukrainian and additional charges for translations would make him doubt if it’s a good idea to start dating a foreign woman. But when translation service is integrated with your instant chat you have no doubts left! I think Elena’s Models is doing a great job so far!
user avatar
Finally, I found the website where I feel comfortable! I can’t say that Elena’s Models is a perfect online dating venue but at least it has no evident and irritating drawbacks!
user avatar
I speak some Russian so I have zero problems with making women talk to me! They are usually so happy to find out that I do understand them even without translation! I feel really good on this site, no anxiety, no inferiority, nothing unpleasant. I enter the site when I want to have a nice and funny evening as talking to ladies here makes me feel that I’m somewhere far, far away. It’s exactly what I need after a long working day!
user avatar
In general, I’m fine with this website. Elena’s Models has a good selection of girls and provides modern communication tools. But what makes me uncomfortable with this site is the fact that out of 10 messages I get responses to 1-2. I know that I’m not the type of man every woman dreams about but it never happened to on the other dating sites. I feel a bit frustrated as don’t want to leave the site as it seems to be a good one and to provide decent services. But on the other hand, what am I supposed to do here? I’m just bored. And while nothing is actually going on I’m still paying for my membership. The entire situation is slightly surrealistic, as for me.
user avatar
What I really like about Elena’s Models is they pricing policy. At first, I was a bit confused as if you want to purchase an annual Platinum membership it would cost you a lot. Well, I was planning to spend some money here but that sum was too big for me. So, I bought a short-term subscription in order to try the water. After a few weeks on the site, I got acquainted with a girl from Lvov and we became pretty close. Rather soon I noticed that she was the only one I kept on chatting with. Hence, I didn’t need an access to diverse contacts and didn’t need the full membership anymore. Elena’s Models offers this incredible option which allows you to chat with one person only. And it costs like nothing! Apparently, it’s the model I ended up with!
user avatar
It’s good that cost of the membership covers all the services. I was so annoyed with some other websites when I was supposed to buy a membership and then to pay for every letter and every call. That seemed so unfair and it was killing the entire sense of romance. How can you think about your feelings if you constantly think that you have 2 credits left on your account and you can’t afford one more minute of conversation until you buy some more credits? I like that Elena’s Models charge me once – I’m done with all the payments for a certain period of time.
user avatar
I’m in love with Slavic girls! I’m on this site for more than two years but I’ll keep on coming back here until one of those girls would me wife!
user avatar
There are a few girls I’m staying in touch with for a while. Nothing serious, just chatting occasionally. But it’s much easier to find a woman to talk to on this site than on the dating websites I used to visit before.
user avatar
I’m not working in the office and I rarely sit for hours in front of my computer. And after work, I’m pretty tired so it’s not the best time to talk to ladies overseas. But my phone is always with me! And it’s really cool that I can use the application developed for Elena’s Models in order to get in touch with ladies! For me, it’s more than convenient as I can chat whenever and wherever I have a few free minutes.
user avatar
The search tools are extremely convenient. I mean there is nothing special in the criteria you can apply to find a certain category of ladies but the interface of the search instruments is convenient and logical. Especially, I like sorting women by countries! It’s a kind of entertainment for me as it is so interesting to observe how thousands of women when they are placed together on one web page show the pattern and type of the local beauty. It might sound weird but if you do it a few times you would easily distinguish a Russian girl from Moldavian!
user avatar
I do like to visit Elena’s Models from time to time. They have a lot of girls here but I have no serious relations with none of them so I have no reasons to spend every single evening here. It’s good to know that you can enter the site when you are bored and to surf it a bit or to read blogs. It took me just a few minutes to get used to navigating the site. The only thing I lack here is a passionate girl who would be waiting for me and motivating me to come back to the site more often.
user avatar
Elena’s Models is a good place to spend some time when you have nothing to do and when you have the mood to talk to a few strangers, especially if those strangers are pretty Ukrainian girls. It’s easy to find someone to talk to here and, usually, I feel no pressure. But I don’t treat this site as a place where I could ever meet my future wife. I don’t know, maybe I need a bit more time to change my attitude and to start treating it seriously.
user avatar
There is nothing that special about Elena’s Models. It’s a good place to spend a few hours talking to Slavic girls. I don’t know what the entire buzz around this site is about. It’s just fine and seems to be decent.
user avatar
Thanks, Elena’s Models! I spent almost 4 years on different dating websites and none of them managed to help me to find my love. After only half a year on your site, I’m getting married! I would call it destiny! The coolest thing you provide is this translator that simplifies communication significantly. I don’t speak any Russian or Ukrainian so previously it was pretty problematic for me to maintain an instant dialogue with a girl in a live chat. But here everything is so easy! I think that an opportunity to talk to each other without any delays and misunderstandings helped us to fall in love with each other. It’s really great to be sure that your girl knows what you are talking about! During these 4 years, I got used to pretending that I fully understood the sense of a message. Now I don’t have to pretend anymore! Finally, there is something real in my life!
user avatar
I love to read blogs on Elena’s Models. There are not that many of them and not all of them are interesting. But they give you an instant insight into the reality of a person you barely know. I’m following a few blogs of the ladies I’m maintaining the contact with and I should say that now I have more topics which I can discuss with them! These blogs help me to get to know them better and quicker.
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