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ChnLove (AsiaMe) Reviews

Latest update: 2019-12-25
After almost 20 years of operation in the market ChnLove knows how to help you in your intention to find a special Chinese lady. When you subscribe to the website you get an access to an extended database of Asian women: the focus in made on China but you can find ladies from all over the region.
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ChnLove (AsiaMe) Site Overview



Chinese girls have the reputation of tender and devoted wives. Men worldwide are fascinated with their fragile beauty and are looking forward to meeting beautiful Chinese women in person. However, not every man would make a decision to go overseas just to walk around and wait for any girl to fall in love with him. Usually, gentlemen prefer to have a clear reason to go to China. And online dating websites are the ones to give men a reason to travel that far. 

ChnLove (AsiaMe) is one of the websites that introduce Chinese brides to their potential husbands. The site covers the region of China and belongs to the Qpid Network which also works with Russian and Ukrainian agencies, some other Asian countries, and with agencies in Latin America. The site is running since 1998 and has almost 20 years of experience. During this time numerous cross-national couples met and married and numerous singles are on their way to happiness. 

The site provides diverse and convenient services that help men and women communicate overseas. The love story which begins from innocent Cupid note and leads to a face-to-face Cupid date is supported by interpreters that help the lovers understand each other. Hence, the site is trying to eliminate barriers of culture and language and bring the loving souls together.

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Ease of Use

ChnLove (AsiaMe) register process is simple and quick as it requires only your email, password and credit card information. After entering this data you can start using the site free of charge. The free membership is convenient as you have time to get used to navigating the site and to browse through profiles of women registered on the site. In addition, the registration on AsiaMe allows you to access the other sites that belong to the Qpid Network. Hence, one login opens you the doors into a few realms – Asian, Latin American, and East European. With the help of the simple but advanced search engine, you can easily find those girls that possess traits which you treat as attractive. 

In addition, if you utilize Android devices you can benefit from exploiting the mobile application that gives you access to instant messaging and helps you to stay in touch with the ladies even when you are far from your computer.

Services & Support

Thousands of Chinese brides are waiting on the site for you to text them. However, when you have the free membership you cannot initiate contact with the ladies and you need to upgrade your subscription in order to benefit from the full range of options that site can provide you with. First of all, you can send Cupid notes to those Chinese girls who you find attractive. The note is free but it helps you to test the water and to let a particular girl know that you are interested in her. Later on, you can invite the girl to talk to you in the live chat or you can give her a call. You do not have to worry about the language barriers as interpreters will help you: they will translate your messages and words to the girls, and vice versa.
To show your fascination you can start from sending virtual gifts and gradually move to the presents and flowers delivery. If you and your lady feel that it is high time for a face-to-face meeting you can order so-called Cupid date: the company will help you organize the trip, buy tickets, rent an apartment, issue visas, etc. Also, they will help you take the wife back home legally so that no questions are asked in your country of residence.

Number of Members

There are more than 18000 thousand active members on (AsiaMe). The site cooperates with over a hundred local agencies that select the most beautiful Chinese women and help them register on the site. China is a huge country with the large population; hence, new girls come to agencies on a regular basis and join the virtual community of the Qpid Network. Indeed, when you register on the site you should keep in mind that you will be allowed to communicate with all the girls affiliated with the Network and that you are not limited to Chinese segment. 

Anyway, the site has almost 70000 monthly visitors and over 2000 users are active whenever you enter the site. You can focus on communication with those ladies who are online or with those who have just joined the site or you can look for your perfect match – it is up to you!

Quality of Profiles

ChnLove is serious about the profiles of its members. All the girls are asked to provide exhaustive information in multiple categories: they should provide basic facts about themselves (age, marital status, children, education, profession), share their interests and hobbies, disclose some of their personal traits, and voice their intentions. Also, all the photos on the site are supposed to be recent and the level of English of every woman is always indicated. With the help of ChnLove (AsiaMe) search tools you can find those girls that seem to be your perfect matches. 

The site itself offers you a few matches on the basis of the information you shared in your profile. Hence, you are interested in making it complex and in-depth. Moreover, your profile is displayed not only on the site but also on the sister sites and in local agencies so that girls that have problems with the access to the Internet could check out your data and contact you.

Safety & Anti-Scam

ChnLove scam policy is complex and strict. All the Chinese girls who want to join the site must come to local agencies and talk to experts who evaluate their intentions. The selection of the ladies does not terminate at the interview stage. Along with the plans which every girl has, professionals have to check her identity and make sure that she is not trying to deceive the agency and the potential husbands. The documents are being checked and verified.
Also, the site cooperates with GeoTrust and TrustWave in order to make sure that the confidential data of the clients and their credit card information are not under any kind of risk. Moreover, every customer can get acquainted with security tips listed on the site.


You can start the search for your special Chinese beauty for free as the initial membership does not require any payments. However, the rest of AsiaMe date services are not free and you have to change the type of your subscription if you want to contact any lady on the site. For the first month you are expected to pay $3.99 but for the following months, you would need to pay $9.99. Conversion to the Premium membership brings you 2 credits and 15 free chats. Credits play the role of virtual tokens: you need them if you want to order any service on the site. You should consider buying a considerable amount of credits as you would get a discount for buying a few dozen:
• 100 Credit Pack for $399.00 ($3.99 per credit)
• 60 Credit Pack for $299.00 ($5.00 per credit)
• 16 Credit Pack for $96.00 ($6.00 per credit)
• 3 Credit Pack for $21.00 ($7.00 per credit)

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user avatar
When you read reviews, everything on these websites seems similar to each other. So my advice is not to listen to anyone and try yourself. ChnLove is a good one.
user avatar
The site is full of women who look professionally shot and are damn gorgeous. Now how is that even possible? Come to think of it how is it that a dating site that is meant for the supposedly common public have only such good looking women. That's when the speculation begins!
user avatar
I’ve been divorced for some time and decided to look for a girlfriend finally. For now, there wasn’t much success, because I am a picky person, but I don’t give.
user avatar
For me, everything happened so quickly here. I don’t know if it’s a rule or exception, but I met my girl in the first three days, we continue chatting and I think that this is the one. Hope she feels the same too.
user avatar
ChnLove has a lot of advantages, like big database and a high percentage of reply from ladies. Moreover, I feel that I can trust these service with my personal data. For now, I just enjoy talking to ladies overseas, but I haven’t found my true love.
user avatar
ChnLove is the best place for looking for an Asian girl. This website is one of the top-ranked, and it offers excellent varieties of communication with women. I found a lot of great women due to it, so I would recommend it to anyone who wants an Asian wife.
user avatar
I am quite skeptical about online dating, but my friend registered me, and one beautiful girl from Beijing started texting me. We get on really well and have much in common. I am planning on visiting her soon. Who knows, maybe I will even move to her. I must admit: miracles happen even to the skeptics.
user avatar
Pretty well. After adding the information to my profile, most of the girls had similar interests, and I found them compatible with me. I enjoyed chatting with girls selected for me.
user avatar
I’m really glad that a friend of mine showed this site to me! I’m dating an amazing girl and soon I plan to come to visit her. And I believe that ChnLove would do its best again, as it usually does!
user avatar
The chance to meet my love helps me to stay tuned. When you are on the dating site every message might potentially be the message from your future life. I believe that the majority of girls have serious intentions here.
user avatar
I don’t think that online dating is good for those who cannot imagine relations without romance. When you are looking for a woman online you may spend years trying to feel something deeper than attraction and interest. It’s better not to expect to fall in love – it is better to expect to find a good life partner. Also, dating online is not the best idea if you are not ready to spend a considerable amount of money. Even though ChnLove is not the most expensive site I spend a lot on purchasing credits. Make sure you understand these simple things because you might end up disappointed.
user avatar
The site is like a heaven for those who are into Chinese ladies. I’m, so I feel great when I have time and money to log in and to chat with a few beauties here.
user avatar
My Chinese is quite poor but I’d like to practice it with real people. As I can’t go to China right away I consider chatting with Chinese women to be a rather exciting option. Who knows maybe ChnLove would help me not only to improve my language skills but also to find my love.
user avatar
Let’s face it – dating in the real world is quite expensive. You have to pay for dates, flowers, presents, taxi, etc. When you date online you pay only for a subscription. Okay, ChnLove charges you for credits. But it makes no sense to compare your expenditures online to the money you waste on offline dating. In addition, here you can date a few girls simultaneously and check who of them is better for you. Can you imagine how tough it would be to date a few girls offline? You’d be bankrupt or you’d go crazy soon! Plus, here you know what you want in a lady and you search for it. Offline you meet a girl and hope that she at least somehow consistent with your expectations. So, my choice is obvious – I go for online dating!
user avatar
I feel sorry for those men who complain about prices here. I used to spend hundreds on other dating sites and on ChnLove the pricing model is totally different! If I want to chat I buy credits and manage them the way I want. If I don’t want to chat and don’t want to visit the site a lot I just don’t buy credits. But if you have a subscription you feel some kind of tension. At least I had such feeling. How could I neglect the site if I had a few days of subscription left? So I was browsing some profiles and chatting but it was not that pleasant. ChnLove gives my much more freedom of action and I appreciate it!
user avatar
I don’t mind paying for services but I want these services to be delivered properly. From my perspective, ChnLove failed to fulfill its promises. I’ve been using the site for a few months before I booked my trip to China. I wanted to meet two girls that seemed to be nice. I was told that they would contact me via the local agency after my arrival. Such conditions were pretty reasonable and I had no doubts that everything would be fine. But when I came to the local agency in China they said it was the first time they heard of such an agreement and none of the girls was waiting for me. I tried to message both girls but they never replied. I still can’t understand what happened. I thought ChnLove was a fair player, but this time they really disappointed me.
user avatar
It’s amazing! I’ve never thought that my wife would be from Asia, namely – from China. I was looking for a Ukrainian girl as I visited Ukraine some time ago and I was fascinated with the beauty of local ladies. And while I was chatting mainly on CharmDate it turned out that I can also spend my credits on ChnLove. I decide to give it a try – and now I’m almost married to Chinese lady! I still can’t believe this is going to be a story of my life!
user avatar
I can’t say that ChnLove is the best dating site I’ve ever used. I mean it’s fine but it’s average. It doesn’t have so unique offers or the biggest selection of women. You can find the similar sites, with similar tools and for similar prices. I keep on visiting this website because it belongs to the Qpid family and they have a few other sites. I love to have a choice. And while I’m using my current login I can talk to Asian women, hot Latinas and Russian ladies. It’s the only seductive offer ChnLove managed to make me.
user avatar
Chinese women are adorable! I don’t understand a single word they are saying but they articulate so sweetly that I can listen to them the whole day! I would not even mind my future wife yelling at me in Chinese. If you know what I mean.
user avatar
There is nothing special about this site. It’s fine and it has a lot of women who are ready to talk to you. The only thing that is remarkable about ChnLove is that it is a part of Qpid group and I can chat with Russian girls too.
user avatar
I do like to spend time here. The site is simple and informative and I don’t have to struggle with search tools when I want to find a new girl to talk to.
user avatar
I used to live in China for a few years so I’m a bit familiar with their culture and language. I hope that this knowledge would help me to find my love among all those incredible petite Chinese girls! I hope that we would manage to find the common language as what I fear the most is facing this barrier between cultures.
user avatar
Do you want a sexy Chinese wife? I dreamt of the one and I found it on ChnLove! The company helped me to solve all the problems my fiancée had with the documents in China and we managed to move in together and get married. I’m really grateful! Occasionally I recall in my mind one figure – the amount of money I spent on the site – and I feel the mixture of confusion and excitement. I know it was way too much than I could have afforded at that moment. But if I was greedy I would have never met my darling. Even the happiness has its price, after all!
user avatar
My day begins and ends on ChnLove. I text with a few ladies and I can’t wait to hear what happened to them during the day. I doubt that any of them would become my girlfriend or my wife but, as of today, I’m totally fine with having a few good friends overseas.
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