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Cherry Blossoms Reviews

Latest update: 2019-10-22
Being the oldest known online dating website Cherry Blossoms keeps on proving its excellent reputation. If you are a member of the site you would get a full range of services which you might need to develop relations online: emails, instant messages, video calls, gifts delivery, face-to-face dates, immigration assistance – all these services are available on Cherry Blossoms!

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Cherry Blossoms Site Overview



Beauty and mysterious soul of Asian ladies attract man worldwide. A lot of gentlemen come to China, Japan, and other Asian countries hoping to meet the love of their love there and to marry one of the local girls. In their pursuit of love, men often need assistance as it might be not that easy to meet a perfect lady by chance when she is passing by. Hence, numerous online dating sites offer their services in order to bring together loving hearts separated by distance.
All the brand new dating websites implement the idea which came to life in 1974 in Hawaii: it was the moment when the first dating agency was established. Its name is Cherry Blossoms and this company is still active in the online dating market. As of now, Blossoms is the longest running dating and mail order bride service in the world. Considering the date of its establishment, this company has more than 40 years of experience and claims to be responsible for approximately 100,000 marriages.
CherryBlossoms dating website makes the focus on the ladies from the Philippines but you can easily meet Chinese, Thai, Korean, and other Asian women here. Also, you should not be surprised with European ladies on the website. Blossoms dating site provides all the types of services somehow connected with online dating. It means that you can expect to get the wide range of communication tools as well as assistance in immigration issues.

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Ease of Use

The Cherry Blossoms dating site sign in procedure is quick and simple. You need to enter the basic information on your personality – name, gender, email, and password – and you are done with registration. From that moment, your free membership starts and you are allowed to surf the site and to check profiles of the other members. In general, it is good for you as you can get used to navigating the site and to get acquainted with some women before you are ready to purchase the advanced membership.
Blossoms is simple and intuitive so that you will not need much time to get accustomed to it. However, the site looks a bit outdated as its design cannot be characterized as modern. When you enter the site you are deluged with the information on all the aspects of the site’s operation and online dating. It seems to be too much.

Services & Support

Being a free member of Cherry Blossoms you are allowed to view profiles and send smiles in order to let a girl you like know that you are interested in her. Unfortunately, to enjoy all the other services along with meaningless flirting you need to purchase the subscription. The latter allows you to benefit from the live chats where you can exchange instant messages, from emails and video calls. If you are no fluent in Asian languages you can use translation services which are offered to help you cope with written and oral interaction. Also, you can order a gift or flowers to be delivered to a particular woman.
Cherry Blossoms mail order bride services ensure that you would get an immigration support and that you would receive assistance in a case you need to solve problems with visa or any other issues concerning your marriage to an Asian girl.

Number of Members

As the oldest Asian dating site (and one of the largest) CherryBlossoms dating website can boast of 75000 active members. The majority of girls who you would meet on the site are from the Philippines as the focus of the company is made on this particular category of women. However, you would also encounter girls from Thailand, China, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Cambodia. There is nothing surprising in meeting European lady on the website.
The large base of women keeps on expanding as new members join the site on a regular basis. As of today, the site is visited by approximately 25000 visitors every month.

Quality of Profiles is full of appealing profiles: attractive Asian women smile at you from the web pages you surf on the Blossoms dating site. You would see high-quality photos in each profile and the basic information about the lady: her age, nationality, education, proficiency in languages, job, marital status, attitude to children, her interests, hobbies, and habits. All these criteria you can use as the filters in order to narrow the search. As the site features women from multiple countries you would find it helpful to filter women according to the country. In such a way you make sure that you would get only profiles that satisfy your expectations.
Also, even if you are a free member you get personalized matches which are detected on the basis of your own profile.

Safety & Anti-Scam

The Cherry Blossoms dating site scam is pretty straightforward: your security is your own responsibility. When women send their applications in order to join the site, the representatives of Cherry review their photos and profiles. However, they do not validate identities of every member of the site and do not check information posted in the profiles. It does not mean that all the girls on the site are scammers but you need to be cautious: you have to remain critical and realistic and to follow basic security tips in order to protect yourself.
When it comes to your private date (e.g., credit card information) you have no reasons to worry as all the data is encrypted and as your information is never shared with third parties.


You always start from the free membership. It gives you an access to Asian brides and allows you to view as many profiles as you want. However, to take part in any type of communication you need to buy a subscription. If you pay a monthly fee you can contact as many girls as you want and you get an access to diverse communication tools and services. You can read any Cherry Blossoms dating site review or evaluation by an online dating expert to make up your mind and to decide if you really need the subscription. The other thing which you would be supposed to think of is the duration of your membership: it may last from one month to one year. Due to the loyalty policy of the site, the longer you want to stay here – the less you pay per month:
• 1 month costs $29.95. If you want to prolong your subscription for one more month it would cost you $19.99;
• 3 months cost $49.95($16.65 per month);
• 6 months cost $79.95 ($13.33 per month);
• 12 months cost $119.95 ($9.99 per month).

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user avatar
Cherry Blossoms is just the worst place if you are in search of a girl. They just keep charging you for unnecessary things.
user avatar
I didn’t like the website at all. Come on, people, history is good, but the price and quality that you get for this money. No!
user avatar
I think, like most people, I chose Cherry Blossoms, because it is so popular, everyone name it when talks about dating Asians. I should say, they do it for a reason.
user avatar
Cherry Blossoms is a shark on the market of online-dating. Its history speaks for itself, so I was 100% sure that it will be a good choice. I was right.
user avatar
I am 47 years old and use this website to chat and build serious relationships with women. I like the database of users and different features site offers, however, I have never tried other platforms, so it’s hard to judge.
user avatar
I use Cherry Blossoms for 3 months, and everything has been alright all this time. The only thing that is bothering me is that service doesn’t verify users’ accounts. But I haven’t come across any fraudsters for now, fortunately.
user avatar
I decided to choose Cherry Blossoms due to its history of dating. I mean, the company is on the market for 40 years. Yes, perhaps, it’s not as modern as new platforms, but still, it offers a great variety of girls and ways of communicating with them.
user avatar
It’s a pretty decent website with the good reputation and a huge database of members. It’s been a while since I started using Cherry Blossoms and I got accustomed to it really soon. But now I have a feeling that there are new, more up-to-date websites that have more options to offer and more tools. I’m staying here as everything is familiar and I know how to behave here. But I can notice that less and less pretty girls appear on the site. I suspect that the younger ladies prefer some other sites which I’m not aware of.
user avatar
I respect Cherry Blossoms and treat is a good venue for online dating. But it seems to me that their services are overpriced: Blossoms does not offer anything remarkable or special. I think you shouldn’t pay that much for online chatting.
user avatar
I can say just one thing and it would become obvious that Cherry Blossoms had a great impact on my life: I’m getting married! We met on the site and as it usually happens o had no idea that in half a year I would end up in the Philippines making a proposal! It turned out that to marry a Filipina and to take her back to the U.S. is not that easy process. Currently, we are trying to fix all these immigration issues and to get her the fiancée visa. The bureaucracy is horrible here! That’s why I’m really grateful that Cherry Blossoms is helping me with all those documents and papers. It’s so easy to confuse something if you have no experience in these questions! Hopefully, we’ll manage to leave all the obstacles behind soon!
user avatar
I love that this site is full of Filipino women! I’ve been to the Philippines once and this place is just a heaven! I fell in love with every single woman I managed to meet there. So, now I’m looking for a girl who would agree to become my wife and to stay with me in the Philippines. I understand that many girls who are looking for a husband abroad are dreaming of leaving their motherland. But I’m dreaming of living with Filipina in the Philippines! I could have moved there and look for a wife in the Philippines but I don’t want to live my life in Chicago and travel that far having no guarantees that everything would be great. I hope that I would find someone special on Cherry Blossoms and my dream would come true!
user avatar
It seems that after almost 40 years of operation the time has come for Cherry Blossoms to terminate their work. How can you invite people to the site where not a single profile has been verified? I do understand that it’s my duty to take care of myself but if I pay for some services I want to get what I’m paying for! I do pay for the convenient online platform where I would be able to talk to several Asian ladies. But what do I get? I get an endless flow of spam and emails begging me to send some money to a family of poor Vietnamese girl! Are you kidding me? Why do I have to read all that rubbish? I asked the customer support if there was any chance to block accounts of those annoying scammers and to prevent them from writing me again. But they never replied me! Ignoring your customers is not the best idea, you know?
user avatar
For me, it’s a great place to have fun. When I come back home from work I want to relax and to chat with a few pretty Asian girls. Cherry Blossoms satisfies this need perfectly!
user avatar
I know that Cherry Blossoms has pretty long history. But I don’t think that it’s the reason to ignore the latest technologies. Where is your app, guys? Okay, let’s leave the technologies alone. Why can’t you do something with the website? I mean the design is pretty poor. Every time I enter the site I can’t help recalling the 2000s in my mind. I do like the ladies registered here, though. I want to stay here and I wish you could improve things at least a bit!
user avatar
How can you be that indifferent to the scam? I mean the site itself is cool and I like spending time here. But those email telling stories about sick parents start to annoy me gradually. I keep on ignoring them as there are a lot of real and attractive ladies here. But I feel that my patience has some limits and that I might terminate my membership sooner or later.
user avatar
I want to thank Cherry Blossoms for what they did for me! I’m not a young man and I’ve already accepted the thought that I would be alone for the entire life. I registered on the site just to find some pen-pal friends and to have some people to talk to when I’m bored. I speak Korean so I assumed it would be great to talk to those who understand this language. When I met Ji-U I didn’t expect our relations to develop that fast! As I have some problems with health she came to visit me in the New York! No, she is not a scammer – she is almost 60 and she has already been married. Now she is waiting for her special visa which would allow her to stay in the U.S. as my fiancée. And it is Cherry Blossoms that takes care of everything!
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