Dating Tips for Men Seeking Foreign Brides

What Is a Mail Order Bride Romance Tour?

The Ins and Outs of the Mail-Order Bride Romance Tours

The Ins and Outs of the Mail-Order Bride Romance Tours A romance tour is simply a romantic vacation organized by mail-order bride or dating services to help men all over the world meet their potential wives in real life. As you can see in the video, there are tons of good reasons why a romance to...
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Hottest Russian Brides

How to Find the Hottest Russian Brides

When Russian women join international dating sites, they usually pursue one goal - to find the right man and create a family. They feel that it’s time to settle down but cannot find the right partner in their country. That’s why if you are not ready for the serious relationship you’d better look ...
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Top 10 Russian Mail Order Brides

Meet the Most Beautiful Russian Brides of November 2017 (10 photos)

For YourBride November top 10, we looked for beautiful and stunning women profiles. They are doctors, models, musicians, teachers, and simply gorgeous ladies. Meet our top 10 Russian mail order brides who are already waiting for you. Natalia, 24 I am looking for a romantic man! I want ...
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The best first date ideas for mail order bride (after meeting online)

Top 7 Romantic Date Ideas for Mail-Order Bride (After Meeting Online)

Chatting and exchanging dozens of emails may seem safer and more comfortable than meeting offline, however sooner or later you will have to meet your match in real life. There is also so much you can learn about your future wife when meeting her.You can exchange hundreds of messages with differen...
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How to find a bride in your 50s

How to Find a Wife if You are Over 50

Who says middle-aged men cannot find love again? Whether you are dating to find a bride or just entering the online dating scene after a long-term relationship, you should not be afraid of dating in your 50s. Your main strength is your wisdom and knowledge. Here are several dating tips from our e...
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Top 12 Niche Online Dating Sites to Find a Bride

Best Niche Online Dating and Mail Order Bride Sites

Looking to date a musician? Or maybe want to start a sugar journey? Due to a great variety of niche dating websites, you can find your perfect soulmate depending on your goals and personal criteria. We have examined dozens of dating and mail order bride sites and have chosen the top 12 that will ...
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Trump Brings Prestige to the Mail Order Bride

Donald and Melania Trump: the New Mail-Order Bride Boom

Today’s international online dating industry has changed the way most of us find partners. For beginners, there were roughly 200 international marriage broker agencies in 1999, which coordinated between 4,000 and 6,000 marriages. In 2010, there were 400 such agencies, and between 10,000 and 15,00...
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asian mail order bride

Why do the European men pick Asian girls?

The girls can be very different. Some men prefer only blond-hair girls, the other ones like the brunettes, some of the men like high girls and the other ones like the small and slim girls. But it is even more interesting that some men are looking for the girls of the concrete nation. People say t...
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Why russian women image

Why Russian Women to Choose?

In our day's numerous people claim that the foreigners always dream of having the Russian wife. More importantly, it happens really often that they find their Russian love. Have you ever thought why does it happen so? We took a decision to ponder over it and to try to underline some reasons for i...
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books and movies mail order bride image 1

The feature books and movies about the mail order bride

Nobody will argue that the mail order bride is a widely common way to find the real love. If you ask your friends about the stories of their acquaintances, we are sure that you will get to know that at least the half of them have found each other on the Internet. And it is no wonder as almost eve...
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Guide to Foreign Brides

Mail-Order Brides – A Shopper’s Guide to Foreign Brides

Mail order bride services are gaining popularity rapidly. Finally, men and women understood that their destiny might wait for them far away: your future wife does not necessarily live in the same block and visit the same gym. With the help of the Internet, horizons expand and people do not need t...
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Countries for Mail Order Brides

Top 10 Countries for Mail Order Brides

In the modern world of diversity and endless opportunities, it becomes easier to find a life partner. The latest technologies and services offer men a simple recipe for happiness: if you do not want to marry a local girl you can try to find a wife abroad. So-called “mail order brides” services do...
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Asian mail order bride sites blog

What are the most trusted and popular Asian mail order bride sites?

When it comes to cross-national marriages we can notice the tendency: often Western men are looking for wives in Asia. This fact is not surprising as Asian ladies are tender and attractive, they are devoted and faithful partners. Regardless the cultural and language differences men are ready to d...
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popular Russian mail order bride sites blog

What are the most trusted and popular Russian mail order bride sites?

The tendency of the last decades shows that numerous foreigners are living with the idea of getting married with a Russian girl. It is hard to blame these men as ladies from Russia have a pretty seductive image – they are extremely beautiful, they are passionate and devoted wives and prove to be ...
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popular Ukrainian mail order bride sites blog

What are the most trusted and popular Ukrainian mail order bride sites?

Ukraine is a well-known destination for men who are looking for a girlfriend or a wife overseas. Ukrainian ladies have a perfect reputation of tender, beautiful, and smart women and there is no wonder that gentlemen feel temptation and search for diverse options of getting in touch with local gir...
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Stories from men about mail order bride blog

The Stories from Men Who’ve Gotten Mail Order Brides

Today, international marriages are not unusual anymore and mail order bride services are not perceived as exotic. Indeed, with the help of the Internet, men and women worldwide have a chance to find their love overseas and to live happily. Although there are numerous examples of couples that met ...
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