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Asia Charm Reviews

Latest update: 2020-01-17

AsiaCharm is one of the largest online dating venues dedicated to girls from China, the Philippines, Thailand, etc. Meeting the criteria of a reliable online dating site, AsiaCharm helped hundreds and thousands of men and women worldwide to find their love. If you don’t speak Chinese or any other Asian language you have no reasons to worry: Ladies on Asia Charm are assisted by translators.

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Asia Charm Site Overview



Tender beauty of Asian ladies attracts men worldwide. European, American, Australian, Canadian, and other gentlemen are looking forward to meeting petite and exotic girls living overseas. And dating websites help men and women from different continents to establish the initial dialogue. After seeing each other online for a while virtual couples meet and the luckiest of them stay together throughout the entire life. However, for this scenario to be implemented the right moment and the right dating venue has to be chosen. is one of the largest websites introducing Asian women dating foreign men. AsiaCharm is a fast growing international communication platform having years of experience in online dating. AsiaCharm provides its members with a possibility to communicate with each other, fall in love and start families.

Today the site is one of the key players in Asian dating online market . If you are interested in meeting beautiful and mysterious Asian ladies you should give it a try. 

Ease of Use

AsiaCharm has an easy-to-use and friendly interface. To join AsiaCharm , you need to enter your name, email, and complete a short questionnaire. After you finish the signup process, you can get access to the site’s database and start searching for women. In general, the search process is simple and intuitive. You can start a basic search that requires only entering the age of your potential match or do an advanced search based on location, appearance, and lifestyle. It would be easy for you to figure out how to use basic and advanced search, how to make your profile look more comprehensive, how to initiate contact with any lady, etc.

Services & Support

The Asian dating site offers its users a wide range of attractive features. Even if you have the standard membership, you can benefit from the right to browse profiles of the ladies and to send them notes showing your interest. Usually, after trying the water you can feel like performing more rewarding and meaningful actions – look forward to contacting women. However, if you want to start a conversation, you need credits. Instead of a subscription-based service, AsiaCharm offers a system of credits that allows users to purchase virtual gifts, send flowers and communicate with each other.
In general, the site facilitates online communication. In case you want to arrange a face-to-face meeting with a girl you would not get any assistance: you would be responsible for buying tickets, booking hotels, renting cars, etc. However, the site helps you get your relations a bit offline as you can send flowers and gifts to the lady you find attractive.

Number of Members has an extensive membership base that includes ladies from Asian countries. Nothing is surprising in Asian girls dating foreigners. More and more ladies are eager to register on dating websites to get a chance to meet Western men. As the number of members keeps growing, you may be interested in checking the list of the ladies who have recently joined the site.

Furthermore, you can check the list of the girls who are online when you visit the site. Considering the time difference there might be not that many ladies online, but you can be sure that a few hundred women will be active. In general, more than 55,000 users visit the site every month.

Quality of Profiles

Due to a smart signup process, the website collects profound information about its users from the very beginning. The questions cover both your personal information and preferences regarding your potential match. The more honest and discreet you are the more chances you have to meet your perfect lady. With a great variety of filters you can narrow down the number of profiles according to your preferences.

If you want to expand your network of connections and find a girl with particular traits you can apply search tools. As all the beautiful Asian women are supposed to fill in the questionnaire too you have a lot of criteria to apply. You can use the basic categories such as age, education, marital status, profession, children. Or you can segregate women according to their interests and hobbies. Everything depends on you. And when you see an attractive lady you can add her to the list of favorites.

Safety & Anti-Scam

When it comes to online dating, Asian countries possess a good reputation, but some issues still happen from time to time. It does not mean that Asian ladies always try to deceive as many foreigners as possible, but it is better to be cautious. AsiaCharm anti-scam policy provides overview of potential risks and tips how to avoid them. On its side, AsiaCharm does not tolerate scammers and fraudsters and blocks them. The site also checks all ladies` profiles and documents to verify the identity of every single lady.


AsiaCharm gives its users a chance to test the site and use extra 20 credits free of charge. You can use the Standard membership as long as you want – no one limits you in time or forces you to upgrade your subscription. However, if you want to chat by instant messages and send virtual gifts you need to purchase credits. You can buy another 20 credits for $2.99.


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user avatar
I’ve been to South-East Asia dozens of times and I’ve never met there such nice girls, that I met here. It is an incredible service. What is great is that you meet people who are interested in building a relationship with foreigners, they are open and talkative. I love that!
user avatar
Asia Charm claiming to be an online dating site is but one level each stage business where you pay per email/message. Relationships can't be built this way, and they only lure you into it to get money out of you. This site holds no real intention of dating or real hookups.
user avatar
For me it’s a completely new environment, I’ve never tried something like online-dating. I should say, I am satisfied. Yes, I would like to have some additional features that this website lacks, but it is not critical.
user avatar
Come on, dude, you have to stick to it at least for a month to see a result. AsiaCharm is really a professional of its business.
user avatar
I don’t understand what the fuzz is about. For me, it is not a service I would use. Tried once and didn’t see any efficient result…
user avatar
This is a complete charm. I haven’t found my gf yet, but I am having so much fun with AsiaCharm. It is a new thing for me and I like it.
user avatar
Asia Charm is convenient and straightforward in use. You get exactly what you pay for. If I had to advise an online-dating platform, it would be this one, for sure.
user avatar
What I liked about Asia Charm are its searching tools. They allow you to find the exact person you are looking for. Surely, you have to pay to use advanced features of communication, but it is totally worth it.
user avatar
Thank you, thank you and thank you for this platform!!! It is fabulous. I was looking for a partner from Asia for years as it is essential for my family that I get married with an Asian girl and me. Now due to Asia Charm, I have everything I have ever wanted: beautiful, charming partner, friend, and soulmate.
user avatar
One of my biggest fears, when I use dating sites, is my privacy. Here I am totally satisfied with privacy settings, and I feel entirely safe. I don't know anyone else who had any issues either.
user avatar
I joined this service in August and still think it is quite good. After entering my personal information and starting a search, I noticed that this site uses advanced matching algorithms to find a perfect girl. I joined several dating sites at the same time, but asiandate impressed me the most. I am sure that I will find true love there and eventually marry a wonderful girl. Great job guys, keep it up!
user avatar
I’m in love with Asian ladies! I do adore their beauty and the way they behave. All those tiny cultural differences between American girls and Asian ladies make the latter so peculiar! I’ve been looking for a good dating site for a pretty long time. International websites are usually too heavy to deal with: I don’t like browsing hundreds of profiles. So, when I found Asian Dating I was so glad! It’s simple and it has rather a big number of women here. So far, it’s the best dating service I managed to find.
user avatar
It’s a decent venue. I’ve never encountered any scam and any of the ladies tried to make some advantage of me. But I look at those empty profiles that contain only the name of the girl and some model-like photos I become suspicious. It seems to me that they might be not that sweet as they look.
user avatar
I do not understand Chinese or any other Asian language. Maybe it’s my mistake that I haven’t learned any of those languages, especially considering the fact that I’m looking for an Asian wife. But I expected to get some assistance in translation when I registered on the site. It’s cool that they offer some services of this kind to Platinum members. But the Platinum membership costs too much! And as far as I understood the translation is automatic. How can you charge that amount of money for automatic translation? That seems a bit unfair to me. Now I translate the messages on my own with some other translation tools and the language doesn’t affect the quality of my dates. But I’d advise the site to reconsider their attitude towards translation and prices for the services they provide.
user avatar
Good quality for a reasonable price. I know that I’m paying exactly for what I get. There are services with more options but they are much more expensive. So I consider Asian Dating to be the best choice I have now.
user avatar
It’s nice that I can use Asian Dating for free. I’m not the one who want to text dozens of ladies a day and to arrange a date every week. I need some time to get used to the environment, to look around, to become comfortable. I prefer to spend a month looking through profiles and to find one really attractive lady than to attend four dates. So, it’s great that I don’t have to pay for the period when I’m in a search. But what makes me anxious is that I need a subscription to text the lady. Okay, maybe it would be reasonable to pay for it when I’m ready to start relations with a lady. But is everything fails and we are done in a week what should I do with the subscription? Would I be paying for it even though I’m not texting anyone? That the only thing that makes me uneasy when I’m using Asian Dating.
user avatar
Asian Dating gave me an opportunity to meet a few really great ladies! No, I’m still not married but it’s not the fault of the girls – it’s me who is being way too picky. Anyway, I’ve been to China several times and I got acquainted with three incredible women! When I met them I understood that the decision to look for an Asian wife was right!
user avatar
It seems that I’m on my way! We met a few months ago but since that moment we text each other every single day! I don’t know how it would end up but I really hope it’s going to be legendary!
user avatar
I was dating a girl online for a while and we agreed to meet in Hong Kong. I know that Asian Dating is not dealing with offline dates and stuff. But I wanted to ask the customer support team about a few basic things which you have to know when you are going abroad. I bet they know what a foreigner should better do and not do when he is there! But they never replied! I mean, they texted me that they are not providing such services and so on and so far. I know! I didn’t want them to book me an apartment or take me to an airport or whatever! I wanted them to answer a few simple questions! That was pretty disappointing about Asian Dating.
user avatar
The site is quite convenient and pleasant to deal with. The only thing that irritates me a bit is the quality of translation. It’s cool that such feature is offered but for me, it is hard to figure out what the girl meant. I wish the translation wasn’t automatic and was at least somehow edited before being sent to me!
user avatar
I feel sorry for all the men who had not the best experience during online dating. But I don’t understand those complaining about price – you knew you were going to pay anyway. And I don’t understand those who lost their money because they sent it to a random girl on the site. There are so my tips on what you should not do! How can send money to a stranger and hope that she would some over to see you in the U.S.? Isn’t it easier to be at least somehow cautious? If you are 50 and she is 21 you might suspect something.
user avatar
I have no idea how I ended up subscribed to a dating website but now I’m trying to get used to it. So far Asian Dating seems to be cool. A lot of girls, moderate prices, good services. I’m a bit dissatisfied with the support team as they work a bit slower than you may expect them to work.
user avatar
I want to say thanks to Asian Dating! I thought that I was done with women, romantic issues and all those kinds of affairs. I registered just to have something to do after work. You know, you are alone, you are bored, you want to talk to someone nice and interesting but there is no one next to you. So, I assumed that a dating website would be not the worst idea. I speak Korean as I lived there for a while. And I assumed that it would be better to communicate with a girl that speaks the language you speak. I found a few ladies on Asian Dating but there was nothing special about them. It was exactly what I wanted – a few texts a day, just to have fun and relax. But then I realized that I was waiting for messages from one lady more eagerly. Then I realized that I want to meet her. Then I booked tickets to Seoul. And now we are married! It’s like the best dream I’ve ever seen!
user avatar
For me, Asian Dating is a great place to meet new girls! I’m really into Asian type of beauty and I hope that my wife would be Asian. Here where I live I have no chance to meet an Asian lady. So, the dating site is the best option I have!
user avatar
So far so good! It was cool that I could use the site for free until my list of favorites was that full that I realized I could not postpone buying the subscription anymore. Now I’m texting with five girls and it makes me feel so good! As of now, we are rather friends and I don’t feel that I’m in love with any of them. But it’s pretty hard to fall in love online. I’m planning to go to China and meet them face-to-face. Who knows, maybe things would change then!
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