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Anastasia Date Reviews

Latest update: 2019-12-25
Anastasia Date is one of the largest international online dating venues and has almost 25 years of experience in bringing together Russian, Ukrainian, and other East European girls and foreign men. The company adopts the latest technologies and implements them successfully: the site members have an access to the excellent communication tools and to the mobile application which eliminates geographical distance separating loving hearts.
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Anastasia Date Site Overview

AnastasiaDate (often referred to as is one of the most reputable and well-known services that help men and women worldwide to find the love of their life online. Anastasiya operates in the market for almost 25 years and it is hard to estimate how many happy marriages it is responsible for. The company claims that every year they hear up to 6000 success stories that became possible owing to Anastasia dating site.

Quarter a century ago a Russian-American couple established the website in order to assist singles in their pursuit of love. Although the service is international and there are no restrictions in registration in terms of nationality or country of residence, the site still has its target audience. Indeed, the majority of women registered at Anastasia are from Eastern Europe, namely – from Russia and Ukraine. Hence, gentlemen interested in relations with girls from these countries pay for their membership with pleasure.
The site is known for its extended database of beautiful ladies. However, a wide selection of potential wives is not the only feature that attracts members to the website. According to numerous AnastasiaDate reviews, all the services offered are convenient and modern. The site utilizes the latest technologies and provides its clients with diverse communication tools (live chats, phone calls, webcam-based calls, etc.) that enhance interaction between site’s members. In addition, users can stay in touch with each other even on-the-go as a mobile application is available for Android devices.

Video Review

Ease of Use

Anastasia Date is more than easy to use and navigate. The site has the simple and intuitive interface and, occasionally, it is even criticized for being that simple: some users expect to get highly interactive website overloaded with multimedia. However, the service has a clear role – to help men and women find each other even overseas – and spend its resources on the improvement of communication tools and other crucial functions. For instance, lately, the service has introduced a mobile application that allows users to access their profiles and to communicate with the others via gadgets, not exclusively via computers.
anastasiadate dating site
AnastasiaDate login process is also simple: the only thing you have to do in order to register is to enter and verify your email. Immediately after that you can fill in your profile and start browsing profiles of the rest of site’s members. To speed up navigation within the website you can use either basic or advanced search options. They differ in the depth of the data you want to use in order to segregate the other members: during the basic search you are allowed to filter user according to their age, country of residence, and availability of videos; during the advanced search you can check their interests, lifestyle habits, etc.

Services & Support

Anastasia website provides its visitors with a wide range of services. It analyzes your profile and offers you a list of matches that are recommended for you on a basis of your interests, demographic characteristics, etc. As there are numerous girls at the site that might be a good spouse for you, you might need some organized scheme of communication with them. For instance, if you are looking for a Russian girl you can mark certain Anastasia Russian brides as favorites and maintain interaction with them.
According to reviews, members of the site get an access to numerous communication tools. You can send letters; make phone calls (reserved in advance or direct); talk to each other in a live chat where you can exchange text messages, play games, see each other via webcam; interact in CamShare which basically reminds a video call. Translation services are offered at any stage of your communication. In addition, you can make presents – virtual and real. Virtual gifts resemble Facebook stickers while real gifts (e.g., flowers) will be delivered directly to your special one. The site’s team is ready to support you 24/7 in a case you need any kind of assistance. Moreover, for loyal and active customers Anastasia has a special Bonus program.

Number of Members

anastasiadate review

Anastasia international virtual community includes over 20 million members all over the planet. However, Russian ladies and East European beauties constitute the largest group of members. The site hosts around 6.7 million monthly visitors: this figure is one of the biggest in the online dating and mail order bride market. When it comes to gender, the division of the site’s users is quite regular – 61% of visitors are women while 39% are men.

The site provides you with information on who of the members are recently online so that you can focus on communication with those who are active when you visit the website.

Quality of Profiles

anastasiadate website

AnastasiaDate register process is simple and quick. But, if you are interested in finding your true love, you would dedicate some time to filling in your profile. Usually, profiles at the site are comprehensive and contain in-depth information that helps members to get an overall impression of each other. Along with the basic data such as age, gender, profession, education, hobbies, interests, etc. you also get an insight into certain personal stories which members share when they answer the questionnaire at the site. In addition, you can add details describing your appearance (e.g., weight) and upload up to 4 photos. Sharing your phone number is optional but if you want to give some of the mail order brides phone calls you should better add this information.

Safety & Anti-Scam

AnastasiaDate scam policy is pretty strict. All the profiles are verified and all the people are checked to be real and are carefully selected. Anastasia Date is serious about scam issues and does not want to be responsible for introducing fraudsters to those who are sincere in their intention of finding true love. Hence, the site gives back all the credits which you spent on communication with members that misidentified themselves, consciously gave the wrong personal data (e.g., age, marital status, etc.), asked you for money, expensive gifts, etc.
Also, Anastasia exploits McAfee and VeriSign to ensure security. You can find basic security tips published at the website and you should better follow them in order to avoid disappointments. And, obviously, none of your data would be disclosed or shared with third parties.


Anastasia website has simple pricing policy. You do not need any specific type of membership to get an access to certain functions. If you are ready to use Anastasia dating for free then you would be allowed to communicate only via email. But if you want to turn on the chat or to make a phone call you have to purchase some credits. You can buy as many credits as you want but the more credits you buy – the less you pay per one credit:
• 1000 credits for $399 ($0.40 per credit)
• 500 credits for $249 ($0.50 per credit)
• 160 credits for $96 ($0.60 per credit)
• 20 credits for $15.99 ($0.80 per credit)
So, credits perform the role of virtual tokens which you use when you want to buy a particular service. Whenever you ran out of credits you need to buy more in order to continue communication. Otherwise, you would be left with the only option of sending emails.

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user avatar
Saved as a favorite, Ι love this site! My first try with one girl was not so good, but now I found one pretty girl and I hope everything gonna be alright.
user avatar
Saved as a favorite, Ι love this site! My first try with one girl was not so good, but now I found one pretty girl and I hope everything gonna be alright.
user avatar
I’ve been with them for few years. Yes they have lot of ladies and very young. The problem is we don’t the real truth about those girls . If the reason is if they want to go to another country for better life or financial reason. How many there for real love . I also see many don’t care about the age of the guys. That means many there for financial reason. If they here is america, they wouldn’t date much older guys. Think about that. I am still there just looking. I hope I can find somebody. Just be careful.
user avatar
BOYCOTT AMERICAN WOMEN! I am an American man, and I have decided to boycott American women. In a nutshell, American women are the most likely to cheat on you, to divorce you, to get fat, to steal half of your money in the divorce courts, don’t know how to cook or clean, don’t want to have children, etc. Therefore, what intelligent man would want to get involved with American women? American women are generally immature, selfish, extremely arrogant and self-centered, mentally unstable, irresponsible, and highly unchaste. The behavior of most American women is utterly disgusting, to say the least. This blog is my attempt to explain why I feel American women are inferior to foreign women (non-American women), and why American men should boycott American women, and date/marry only foreign (non-American) women.
user avatar
It is said when the only thing you know about the person you are talking to is their gender, nationality, and approximate age. I adore those personal questions on Anastasia! They make you feel that you have some common memories with a person you have just met online.
user avatar
I don’t like websites that have glittering interfaces, aggressive colors, popping up messages and the other distracting elements. Anastasia is simple and that is why it is perfect. I do not need to waste time on scrolling through a bunch of unnecessary options or ads or other trash which you can often see on dating sites. It took me a few minutes to register and a few more minutes to get used to the navigation peculiarities. Now I can focus on conversations with ladies and on my private life and I can forget about technical aspects.
user avatar
Anastasia did a great job in collecting all those incredible women together! It’s almost half a year since I registered and I cannot spend a day without visiting the site for a few minutes.
user avatar
I’ve spent four months on Anastasia and during this time I met four amazing Russian women – the most beautiful ladies I’ve ever seen in my life. I don’t have any serious relations as of the moment but I have a feeling that Anastasia will help me to meet my love.
user avatar
A few years ago I met an amazing girl from Kiev on AD. Long emails, day and night talks in chats, flowers and calls – I did my best to get to know her. At some point, I even came to Ukraine to see her offline. And you know what? She left Kiev and moved with me back to Seattle. I guess we spent two years or so together and realized it’s not going to work out anymore. I’m still lost and confused but I opened my account on Anastasia again. I believe that if it managed to help me once it would do it again.
user avatar
Three months on Anastasia passed for me in a flash. I know it is a site for those who have serious intentions, who are looking for their future wife, and so on, and so far. But it is so fun to talk to that number of pretty women simultaneously! I can feel my self-esteem increasing.
user avatar
Anastasia charges you a lot but you always know what you are paying for. Yes, letters exchange is unreasonably expensive but CamShare is an awesome function! Rarely any other site offers you video calls for such moderate price if offers any at all. I’m not that young but I love games you can play in a live chat! They make you and a girl relax immediately and have fun together. What can be better for breaking the ice between you two?
user avatar
I’m a bit irritated by the prices but I know it is silly to complain about money when you expect high-quality services. So I should relax and focus on my future.
user avatar
It’s been a few weeks since I registered and so far I’m pleasantly confused. I mean, there are so many amazing women here! I just cannot stop browsing profiles as I have a feeling that my perfect lady is here but I still haven’t noticed her. I hope that soon I would meet her.
user avatar
I used to be really skeptic about online dating and stuff like this. But Anastasia changed my mind: I’m dating a girl I met here for a few months. I don’t know how it would end up but so far I’m satisfied.
user avatar
I have already met a few women from the site and yes, they look a bit different than you expect. But are you that naïve and think that all the photos are real? Women are real, photos are edited a bit. None of those girls tried to deceive me or asked me for money. We failed to build long-lasting relations but we stay in touch and exchange messages from time to time. You cannot protect yourself from fraudsters as they are everywhere. And Anastasia cannot protect you. The only thing to save your money and save your heart is your brain: be realistic and nothing unpleasant would ever happen to you on this site.
user avatar
It’s been a while since I started looking for a wife online. I’ve seen plenty of websites – good, bearable, complete scam. So far Anastasia is the best one: I get the quality I expect for the money I’m ready to pay.
user avatar
No one can give you guarantees that you would meet your perfect lady on AD or on any other dating website. I’ve registered because I have two acquaintances who found their wives on Anastasia: these two couples are still married. I don’t know, maybe I’m naïve or way too romantic but I believe that it’s possible to find your love online. So far I maintain a dialogue with a Ukrainian girl for a while. We haven’t met yet but I’m considering going to Kiev. Maybe she is not the one I need. But if she is it would be Anastasia responsible for our marriage.
user avatar
Yes, Anastasia seems pretty expensive. I mean it’s much more expensive than other sites offering you dates with Russian girls. But I pay for services and for that money I give to Anastasia I get everything done perfectly.
user avatar
Lately, I send flowers to a lady but when I received a proof picture of a girl holding flowers I could not believe my eyes – it was a different woman. I viewed her profile a thousand times so I know how the lady looks like. I contacted Anastasia and explained the situation. They checked the profile, contacted the agency in Kiev, verified it once again – and wrote me back with apologies. Yes, it was a different lady and they deleted her profile as soon as they realized it. Anastasia gave me back all the credits I spent on chats with the girl. Well, I’m a bit disappointed. But at list the site keeps its promises and I lost nothing despite my time.
user avatar
The prices confuse me. Okay, paying for services is a fair deal but Anastasia charges you for every action! Ten euros for a few minute call, seriously? That seems too much for me.
user avatar
I spend a lot of time traveling and the most attractive women I’ve ever seen are in Eastern Europe. I do not even need to say that girls on Anastasia are incredible! I got acquainted with three women online and went to see them but none of those relations turned into something significant. Anyway, we still keep the contact and communicate – now we are friends. I do not leave the hope to meet someone special on Anastasia. I’ve already got used to all the functions and peculiarities of the site. But, at first, it was a bit puzzling, especially all these pricing nuances. The customer support was really helpful and explained to me how to deal with credits and manage them.
user avatar
I don’t mind paying for a date of my dream. And I expect to get high-quality services for the money I paid. So far, I had no problems with Anastasia and I have nothing to blame it for. But I still haven’t found my match here.
user avatar
Don’t waste your time and money! You think you are talking to beautiful ladies you see on the pictures? Don’t be naïve! I talked to one lady for a while and then we exchanged email to communicate outside Anastasia. And she told me she is not the one I saw in the profile. Many of those girls are models that have nothing to do with dating – they just sell their photos to websites. And instead of talking to a real beautiful girl you might be talking to a guy. Yes, indeed, they hire guys to chat with other men and to pretend to be women! I was lucky enough to meet that girl and to hear the truth. I don’t know maybe some women are real and you have a chance to meet a sincere and devoted wife here. Anyway, beware of scams and keep in mind that you might be deceived.
user avatar
There is a bunch of dating websites that are making money on people, scam them, and encourage fraudsters to cooperate with them. Anastasia is not one of them! I’m surprised some people are pointing fingers and blaming the site.
user avatar
I’m looking for serious and long-lasting relations. I’m tired of those occasional affairs and I want to marry and focus on the family life. I really hope that Anastasia is the place where I would find the one to spend the entire life with.
user avatar
I read comments of guys complaining about prices and credits and I cannot understand their point. Do you expect the service to be free? If you want to stare at profiles it is free. But if you are here to take some actions, to talk to ladies, to do at least something, obviously, you will be asked to pay. Yes, prices are not that low. But hey, you pay for service! And those saying that they are confused by the credits system just make me laugh. Do you know the basics of math? Can you count how many credits you need for a call or for a gift? If it is hard for you to deal with simple figures then maybe you are not ready for dating.
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